Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

I have no intent to answer your grudges here.

Individuals interested in finding out more about EM’s policy on triglavians and Edencom, can refer to here: [EM] Electus Matari statement regarding the Triglavians/Edencom


It’s been nice of your people not to shoot at me.


That’s perfectly fine. I’m just pointing out your hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy would be allowing the association with Amarr who continue the practice of undermining the Republic and work against its interests. The defense of Republic Space against invading extra dimensional beings is in the interest of the Republic, and flying with those who choose to defend it is not hypocrisy.

Settle your petty grievances elsewhere.


So … very, very respectfully, sir?

And with the consideration that I’m not exactly a friend to Else?

Without necessarily disagreeing with Mr. Aloga, that’s usually a venal sin where you find it. The world’s complex. It doesn’t seem to be very kind to ideals, or idealists.

It’s easy to say a thing. Its full implications, though … well, it’s easy to find yourself walking outside them, even in full good faith.

Maybe especially in full good faith.

(Sorry; guess we kind of have you coming and going. Not … quite myself right now. I’ll stay out of this from here out.)

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When there are several reds on the field, the pilots follow the FC’s call, or in the absence of one, their own, trying to do what is best for the overall strategic situation.

Don’t know if that’s particularly “nice”, but you’re welcome.

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Thank you. I think you may have helped me…possibly a lot.
…We’ll see.

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