Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Kinda’ like the empires just kinda threw whatever was laying around at the problem and said “That should be enough to convince the freelance Capsuleers we tried.”

To be fair those are now patrolled by Caldari capsuleers pro bono, whenever trigs show up. Make of that what you will.



EDENCOM flagged navy ships used a fair array of advanced hulls, actually. The State deployed Basilisk support to their fleets. Just as Scimitar, Oneiros, and Guardian support were deployed by the other respective navies. Advanced ships were present in the overwhelming majority of EDENCOM fleets.

State Navy Basilisk kill reports.

Same for Republic Fleet Huginn

Imperial Navy Zealot.

Federal Navy Lachesis

Various advanced ships were indeed deployed.

On another note:

Pretty sure that discussion started in about as disgusting a manner as a conversation can start. Wasn’t many places it could go that wouldn’t continue to be disgusting.

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Yeah, fair enough. That’s usually expected of Nauplius.

People need to stop responding to him in any ways that don’t involve shooting at him.


Or, if a backwater hick like me has to be introduced to the utter bollocks that is the worst of Empire loyalism, there ya go.

Thank you for defending our Navies, though there were really no reason to do this, considering where the accusation was coming from. Arrendiot is known for being a clown who tosses out ridiculous groundless accusations about others, and really the best course here would be simply to tell her to “shut up and stop poisoning the feed.” At least I am fed up with her inconsistent and subintelligent rants to bother to correct her nonsense.

But, anyway, thank you for the contribution!