Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Or cupcakes!

You know, perhaps both Electus Matari and Stribog Clade are capsuleer entities that are fundamentally hostile to the Empire and Faith, and that neither should be trusted or worked with unless the circumstances are dire.

Just a thought.


One could also make the argument that both the Minmatar Republic and the Triglavian Collective are entities that are fundamentally hostile to the Empire and Faith, but the Throne clearly mandates working with the former within the context of anti-Triglavian activities and some other limited capacities as well.

Alas, this conversation has repeated itself ad nauseum. Those that have made up their minds that the dynamics of the CEMWPA conflicts are absolute in all theatres have not been placated by any amount of reason. What a sorry state of affairs this is.


Well said.

A mandate I acknowledge and openly support.

But Electus Matari is not the Republic, and we are under no obligation to treat them as such. I do not trust their intentions, nor believe them worthy of aid, as they have hidden anti-Amarr operations under the guise of noble causes before, such has their “humanitarian efforts” in Kahah and Thebeka only just recently.

They can do the same under EDENCOM’s banner.

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They can. We are well aware.

The sorry state of affairs that I alluded to before arises from the fact that some Amarrian faithful appear to have lost all trust in their own brethren to understand such complexities and act within the best interests of Amarr in light of them.

We have trusted you to act in the best interests of Amarr within the theatre that you have decided to serve. All we have ever asked is that you return such trust in us.

That is the last that I will say at this time, Lord Consort. Too often and too openly have Amarrian loyalists on this forum turned their aggressions against each other to the benefit of only their enemies.


I would argue that being tongue in cheek about it does not count as ‘hiding’ sod all. I don’t think anyone tried to hide any intent in Kahah or Thebeka, other than possibly some of the pirate involvements. If there’d been any intent to hide the activities, it’d probably not be publicly and persistently broadcast on public fora throughout the entire conflict, nor be done directly under the public banners of EM and other involved parties.

Do credit your opponents with some capability.

I do not believe I credited EM with being competent at obfuscating their intentions.

As for the matter of trust, that comes with open and honest communication that does not get reversed after the fact.

Listen, y’all. You can have us shooting people hostile to Amarr with you, or you can have us shoot Amarr. It should not be rocket science which is better for Amarr, even if not for the personal glory of Amarr warlords.

But fight on, sweet children of God.


It would be quite nice if you would quit insulting other members of the Faith in public by suggesting that they are not capable of seeing such an obvious potential threat.

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And it would be quite nice if leaders of your alliance would not refer to stricken apostates my lady and I have a special distaste for by their forbidden name and announce attendance at their celebration of their own spiritual death. Especially after a formal private diplomatic meeting where we expressed our feelings directly.

For all that it is worth (not much at this point, I am sure), I did not support the destruction of Smokey or the complete cessation of Lux Invicta operations. I do regret the events in question, and many of the attitudes expresses by those involved. But, please, do not lecture as though there is not a shared guilt in this.

Fortunately, the light will not be conquered.

Slogans such as “Remember Raravoss!” will just be joined by “Remember Smokey!” and we will soldier on as long as it takes.

And as far as your support or not goes, I’ll just repeat that actions speak louder than words.


I believe you show a bit too much gusto at the loss of an EM outpost that represented dependency upon them to persue Imperial aims, but I am glad anti-Triglavian operations will continue. Hopefully under more equal terms.

Seriously? Still? The nature of Smokey has been repeatedly explained to you and you just refuse to take that into accout and continue arguing from your own story with no basis in reality. How do you expect anyone to take you seriously, when you act like a child yelling at their Mom to make the wind stop?


Apologies at you frustration with me, but your thoughts seem to be expressed under the assumption I believe your word has any meaning.

The owning corporation and alliance are clearly denoted. This means the owners had final say in access to and management of this Astrahus class citadel. This represented actual, tangible leverage upon any Amarr that chose to make use of this base, requiring trust to maintain.

I have stated plainly that I do not trust the motives of said owners. I suggested previously, in public, that ownership and management should be in the hands of an equal collective of involved parties or a trustworthy third party. It was stated this was considered, but no further discussion or action was apparent.

Electus Matari held ownership at the time of its destruction. It was an Electus Matari base. Anything further declared about its nature, usage and future was moot until actual substantive power over the aset was in different hands.

Hey now Aldrith, I’ll have you know i’m fundamentally hostile to most empires, the one i’m somewhat fine with being the Caldari.

How to handle the in between places of life whn so many degrees of shade exist between the sky with full sun and moon?

The enemy of my enemy may me an ally under the territory of the enemy, the ally who attacks the enemy with an enemy becomes an enemy, and so many actions derived from the combinatorial analysis.

The more rigid a path is, the easier it crumbles before the changing weather.

A strenght of the bamboo is that it does not break easily by being flexible and bending at the everlasting changing weather.

Look upon your hearts and get in touch with how rigid they may be, and what does it cost for you and others for it to be like this.


“I believe, I have suggested, I have stated.” So many I’s in your unilateral declarations about what other faithful should prioritise.


We literally had this very same discussion on this very forum not many weeks ago.

As you were told, Smokey was a Lux Invicta structure. Capsuleer structures always have someone in control. Many solutions have been and were under consideration for Smokey’s management. And the point is moot now; none of them will be implemented.

And no amount of pointing at the tag on the killmail will change that. You keep on asking, but you don’t listen to any of the answers, and in that you come through as the little boy on the beach crying “but Mama I don’t want the wind blowing”. Reality does not give a ■■■■ about what you want.


The only real power over a resource is the ability to withhold its use, the only way anyone except Electus Matari had to do so, is detailed in the record Lord-Consort Newelle produced for you.

The tag matters; no matter the realities you attempt to deny, the only clear objective your vaunted Lux Invicta have had since the last system suffered an invasion has been to defend Electus Matari infrastructure– a product of the very leverage you claim to have been illusory.

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