Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

That’s not what I believe in.

With this I do agree, however.

This is neither my, nor our cultural beliefs.

However, I do tend to write off any sort of perversion or open sexual behavior as gallente degeneracy. And this is sort of not rare in our culture.

Speaking of same-sex relationships, I know only that it is illegal to commit marriages in such way in the State. Also I do know how the biology works, and thus can conclude that this sort of relationship does not facilitate a child birth.

Any sort of sexual activity that is done either outside of a marriage or not for purpose of child birth is a perversion.

What we are doing now, ma’am is as well a borderline perversion, as such topics shall not be brought into public discussion. I hope I have answered these questions and I hope we won’t return to them in the future.


Medical technology makes the biology argument… questionable. Its more than within the realm of routine medical intervention to fertilize an egg with another modified egg cell. And then there are those of a naturally intersex physical dispositions(much less those that choose such things willingly through modification).

And, if memory serves, same-sex marriage relation is not illegal in the State, but simply not legally recognized. Which is distinct from being outlawed.

Thigs which are not legal are illegal, because they are not legal in the terms of law, which makes them… illegal.

Illegal requires a specific outlawing. The term you’re seeking here, probably, is Illicit, as its not expressly outlawed but falls somewhat outside the usual social norms.

Illicitly illegal.

Strike Commander, not everything that is illicit is illegal.

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I completely agree. Pretending to be a rank in the Caldari Navy that you are not… Apparently that’s illicit for a capsuleer because I’ve never seen anyone haul Di-Di up in front of a judge.

Committing treason by taking a group of military personnel and equipment and invading a planet without the consent of your Government… That’s illegal.

The Strike Commander, for all her faults, has not actually stated her rank is with the Navy. Though some misinterpretation is easy enough with how she describes it at times.

I guess that is the difference. Pretending is illicit. Claiming is illegal.

I am not sure it has a merit of arguing with a deranged code cultist. She makes up nonsence and then judges others for it - probably as a way for others to read her crap instead of noticing that she’s just a petty murderer that follows insane man who made for them bogus ‘Code’ to justify their murders.


It is a Caldari thing. One that stems from the lack of citizenry during the Caldari-Gallente emancipation conflicts. And one that is still rooted in State doctrine. It is why I am not approved to hold hands with anyone by the State Department of Hand Holding.

Strike Commander takes the doctrine a bit further and has interpreted it as Gallente degeneracy.

The problem is, the State has to pull as far away from Gallente ideals as possible which leaves it and its population in a place where seemingly normal things in other cultures as being degenerate.

For example. A man walking along the beach with a shirt off, a normal practice everywhere else in the cluster is considered degenerate because the Gallente don’t find an issue with it.

Or bodybuilding. Something that I enjoy. But because simple pleasure are a thing in the Federation, they have to be an abomination in the State.

Does this make sense?

Yes. But also No.


Projection much?

Unlike you I don’t do that. Just saying things as they are, but I doubt someone like you could comprehend it anyway.

It must be so very frustrating, living in such a one-note mind. I do pity you, Diana.

Yesterday I was planning to do nothing, but didn’t get round to it.

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What is really frustrating is watching how you step on the same rake again and again like a clockwork toy, failing to understand even simplest of concepts, and hitting your forehead and again and again and again.

Once again you speak about something you have not even a slightest clue about and make absolute false statement - likely with a face expression of someone who believes you are always right and everyone around you are totally wrong.

Was it because you pathologically unable to recognize the pitches and ‘other notes’, or because you disregard what you see and just speak what you want it to be, maybe because you cant accept other people can be better or smarter than you (and that’s really - literally everyone), so you come up with some sort of pathetic and pitiful personal attack, failing to realize that the reality itself is way larger and way more colorful than your tiny but hyperinflated ego that notices just one note.

Only thing you manage to achieve with such - absolutely idiotic false statements - is just showing yourself as a clown. I don’t know why you love to disgrace yourself so much, but please if you do that - don’t write to me. Watching your pathetic wriggling is simply disgusting.

Alternatively, it’s because you don’t understand that I enjoy winding you up. You simply can’t help but respond. It’s pretty hilarious.

Are you laughing at this?
Yes, I heard there are people who say something dumb and not funny at all and then laugh over it idiotically just themselves.
You totally are looking like this type.

See? You just can’t help it.

And yes, I am laughing, Diana. But I’m not laughing at what I say: I’m laughing at your need to respond.