Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Boom - and she steps on the rake again, boom and they hit her forehead!

For someone who has not a single clue what a person are you talking with you’re rather persistent to be dumb and ignorant to toss out nonsence like that, imagining in your tiny brain like you know what I need.


Uh-huh. Sure. Just like you won’t feel the need to respond to this, knowing that if you let me get the last word, you’ll feel like I won. But if you do reply, then you’re just giving me what I want, so I win. tsk tsk.

“Win”, what exactly do you win? Can you even win anything? Or is it like in that duel, where instead of fighting you like a brainwashed egger offed yourself, falling for CONCORD propaganda of immortality, and then stupidly claimed you “won”? So, what exaclty did you win back then instead of a title of the dumbest duellant of the year? What exactly did you win now?


You’re just pathetic.

The very fact that you have to ask shows which of us doesn’t understand.

You can’t even read, can you?..

Uh … Arrendis? We’ve got a thread for this topic now?

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And so begins a week of working up, prior to the return of students to the University next week. Joy of joys.

The horror.

Which is why it’s off-topic here, no?

We created it because you taunting Ms. Kim is fun for literally nobody but you. If you can’t stop can you at least take it over there?


So, having just looked for it, can you link me the thread you’re talking about? Because I know it’s not this one.

I would debate this but then again, according to Di-Di, I’m the Quafe+ version of Arrendis so…

Well, you did of course create it yourself, but why would it not be the one?

If you look back over the discussion that led up to its creation. . . .

Because regardless of the discussion beforehand, I created it purely for the ‘dammit, Miz’ joke. So no, “we” did not create it for the purpose you want to attribute to its creation. I created it, I created it for a specific purpose, and that purpose and yours are not the same.

Nor is me needling Kim a rant. If anything, this conversation is far more fitting for that thread, since this conversation is, at its heart, a complaint, at least.

Do what you wish. As you will, regardless.

Yeah but that’s mainly because having anything to do with the little rat is like drinking someone elses vomit. I’m saying someone elses because that’s extra bad.

Didn’ say it’d all be for the same reasons. Mine’s just that it’s circular, repetitive, and boring.

In other and more interesting matters I’m all of a sudden curious: how many of you all have ever tried Ni Kunni spiced beetles? And if you haven’t, would you?

Been served such by Lunarisse. Was rather reminiscent of things I’ve had when visiting some Vherokior clans, and there seems to have been attempts to replicate it in random places through the Federation.

Can recommend, if done by someone who knows what they’re doing.

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I Prefer to Keep Away from Insects. Beetles are All Well and Good when they are Outside, but I Do not Wish to have them Under the same Roof as Myself.

It doesn’t seem like they should be too different, conceptually, from lobsters though? Isn’t a lobster really just kind of a big seagoing bug?

Or do you not eat lobster either despite, you know…?