Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

What were the words again? Ah, yes:

Fight on, ye children of PNS

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Don’t worry, sir; we will.

EM and LUMEN don’t so much get along as semi-regularly find ourselves headed the same way with higher priorities than one another. The issues are entrenched and probably won’t go anywhere in just a lifetime or three, but there’s a sort of stability that comes out of that.

Chilly, but, that’s international politics after all. We bicker, and things get done.


Extremely hard for State robots who are howling and beating their chests in every thread because of the pointless pendulum war they swing on is in their favour this quarter.

Despite this, at least their leadership has seen sense and told CONCORD to bugger off. Maybe an unrestricted war will weed out the weak, and show the Collective who is worthy enough to join our ranks.

Much as it is often tempting to speak with spite about about your treachery, Clementine, may I take a moment to admit that it also deeply saddening to see how far you’ve fallen?

Misguided though your former loyalties were, you always seemed like a well-spirited individual trying to do what you thought was best for humanity. I hope that trait finds its way back to you some day.


And I still do. But it does not involve the rotten carcasses of dying Empires.

Capsuleers have so much more potential than what your CONCORD Masters feed you.

Break free from that collar around your neck.

Heh. I would argue that we are already given too much freedom as it is.


Agreed, ma’am, and by a lot, not a little.

Whose idea was it exactly to make hundreds of thousands of tiny, sovereign states, each armed with weapons of mass destruction and ruled by its own quasi-immortal petty tyrant? The Jove seem likely sponsors, but the “why” of it has never been clear.

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Speak not of that which you have no understanding of, freechild. I am as free one can be in New Eden, and I choose my people over deranged nonsense like that. Collar around your neck? Oh you poor thing, should you ever discover what that is like.

No freelancer capsuleer in New Eden can be made to wear one, and those who do choose that of their own free will.

No Gods. No Masters. Certainly not the ones you’ve chosen to become a pet of.


LUMEN lecturing others on misguided loyalties 48h after ramming missiles into their own militia’s structures alongside EM terrorists in the heart of Eugidi.



Ya’ know, I find the whole “you must be free from the evil of CONCORD” thing real patronizin’ myself. Like I don’t know what’s good for me. I know that me killin’ Serps, Blooders and whatnot gets me very comfortable quarters on a fancy ol’ bank vault station. Or comfortable quarters anywhere, really. I gotsa lotta money and I live damn fine. If CONCORD done got somethin’ around my neck, then their collar must be awful loose.

Also, I find the folks that espouse this tend ta’ be the type ta have no problem with indiscriminately killin’ baseliners, instead’a killin’ the ones tryna suck people’s blood out or jam folks fulla Mindflood. Or hell, even killin’ baseliners engagin’ you that are of an enemy empire, that are actively engagin’ you and for that very reason. Unfortunately it’s a position that ain’t as small as it should be.

Also ta’ clarify, I agree with you. Just seemed like the message ta’ latch this on to.

Pretty much hits the nail on the head. Triglavian supporters exchanged one set of masters for another (as evidenced by the fact they jumped to obey a command not to allow evacuations occur that they were in negotiations for), but overwhelmingly did so because they thought they’d be free to unleash unchained potential that CONCORD was apparently preventing them from being able to do, and about the only thing that could be would be more opportunities to commit violent acts on baseliners they could not before, and yet they are still hardlimited in being able to directly lock and destroy non-combat baseline vessels (outside of the odd hauler and designated targets from agent contracts), and planets, so there goes that one.

They also don’t really demonstrate much of their beloved ‘proving’ ideology, cowering in stolen star systems and getting fat from the loot of wrecks that they already had ample opportunity to do within CONCORD’s and the Empire’s umbrella, so once more there goes that mythological optimum self improvement idea.

I think that’s about it for summing them up? I can’t think of much else significant they do to ‘prove’ themselves and grow stronger that anyone else isn’t doing, or other things to ‘change the cluster’ in wide sweeping strokes since the most active phase of the invasion. It’s farcical.


They and their masters both studiously avoided ‘proving’ their flow in regions where capsuleers could escalate in response, that’s for damned sure.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but can you imagine being a Trig and looking upon New Eden and Pochven now? The sheer level of disappointment and disgust as they look upon their new pets. Aiming for howling wolves and ending up with whining lapdogs.

It was rather inevitable, of course. Those who would indeed align with Proving and a violent marketplace of ideas would by default challenge these newcomers in that exact way and pit themselves against new masters and gods to see what their mettle was worth. They’ve already done the same to everything else in New Eden, through discourse, combat or philosophy as is, and have already found themselves the ground that stands strongest and tallest according to their ideals, strength and vision.

I’ve made no secret out of quite enjoying and appreciating what little we know of Triglavian ways and culture, Proving in particular. I suspect they’d rather approve of my choice in loyalties and means used in their protection.

Since I don’t think they’re stupid, I find it entirely possible that they knew they’d be ‘recruiting’ the weak willed, the fearful and the lapdogs while those who’d actually embrace their philosophies would indeed stay opposed. It is, after all, core to their ways as far as we understand them.

I wonder what it’ll look like in a decade’s time, as communication increases and New Eden readjusts to this new fifth nation. I suspect we’re going to find that relations might hinge a lot more on who opposed them and how, rather than who flocked to cower under their protected skies.

… or I could be wrong and the Triglavians themselves might be yappy little dogs playing pretend too. We’ll see, I suppose.

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Were they really aiming for howling wolves, though? From the start their message was ‘do it our way’, which is kind of a recipe for… well, sheep in wolves’ clothing, so to speak.

Yeah, that tracks. After all, the people who’d align with their philosophy would be the ones responding to ‘prove your flow or be extirpated’ with ‘prove yours, punks’.

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sheep will always go obediently to beheaded…

the wolf will always remain untamed…

It would appear that I missed my opportunity to be the one to respond to you in the appropriate thread, so I’ll do so here instead. Because honestly, Arwen? You are one of the few foreigners that have given me some hope for the future of this cluster, and that should be stated publicly.

Since the day I first graduated from the Royal Amarr Institute, the amount of hatred and scorn that has been levelled at me on account of me being Amarrian, on account of me being an adherent of the faith that dares to refuse to see my own people as charicatures of evil - or to betray them and their trust in me - it frankly boggles the mind. On plenty of occasions now I’ve found myself subject to such abuse, and at times I genuinely find it difficult to keep up the motivation to keep trying.

And yet, despite your own misgivings about Holy Amarr and despite the lifestyle you have chosen to live, you have never treated me as anything other than a human being deserving of basic dignity and respect. Where some respond to overtures of peaceful outreach such as the offering of a Pax Amarria with spiteful words and actions, you simply accepted the gesture; even while acknowledging that you could make no promises about reading it.

There is an element of basic humanity that shines bright within you, Arwen. One that so many other empyreans appear to have long extinguished within themselves. A part of you that chooses to see the best in people, even those most different to yourself, regardless of however much you may have suffered by other peoples’ hands in the past.

I know I have said similar things to you previously in private, but I believe they should be said publicly too, because it should be known that, despite your mistakes and life choices, you’re a good person inside.


Cool! Thanks!

If memory serves, and pardon me, I am a bit of a bystander but tend to keep informed… that particular situation was a form up between allies of Phoenix Naval Systems who nominally aren’t particularly friendly to eachother but both retain obligations to PNS, and as such made the elective choice to honor their fleet agreements so long as there were more interesting targets to be had, and doesn’t particularly extend beyond that. Its much the same as many militia pilots forming and fleeting with otherwise ‘unsavories’ to their usual interests for a given purpose in my mind.


Pretty grim really.

A pretty standard practice of capsuleers of all origin, really. Even those that argue against it do so readily enough when it suits their needs.