Intercepted Message: Internecine Strife


You heard the expression ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’? Cards on the table: you and I are both loyalists for our respective empires. Which means that infighting among the slavers is particularly interesting for people like you and me.

Problem is, the kybers know the saying, too–and they are watching this closely. I see a three-way cluster-■■■■ coming, and that’s not a pun about the Triglavians’ sex lives.



//////////… . … ./ / // ///////BEGIN INTERCEPTED MESSAGE… . … ./ / // //

Lord Pitoojee, Directrix Phonaga

It is with considerable sorrow that I am compelled to contact you once again on this matter.

Khimi Harar and Local is Primary have long been allies. We have bled together in the desolate expanses of the rebel provinces. We have tasted both savory victories and the bitterness of defeat as one, in a fraternity forged in lifelong service to the throne. Together, we have marched ever forward in lock-step with a single vision: achieving a brighter future for our Empire. It is with great woe that that this era now concludes. On the caliginous path you now tread, we dare not follow.

As has been conveyed by both the venerable Lady Yassavi and Lord Newelle, the repeated and willful collusion between Khimi Harar and Electus Matari can be tolerated no longer. The throne did indeed bless the coordinated actions of capsuleer organizations against the Triglavian invasion. However, for all the actions sanctified in that trying time, making peace with the enemies of the throne and colluding in war upon neutral capsuleer organizations are not among them.

We gazed silently through the abyss as you flew in formation with Electus Matari in the depths of Pochven to defend their infrastructure, and did not stir.

We watched somberly through holovids as you made war upon supposed “Triglavian associated” capsuleer organizations in New Eden, and still, we did not stir.

Now, we have witnessed you marching in lock-step with Electus Matari, as you once did with us, against capsuler organizations that are incontrovertibly not affiliated with the collective. At this juncture, your sins are so brazen and deeds so patently heretical that no explanation is even offered. We will idle no longer.

I have deliberated on your words at length, and prayed to God for guidance. Troubled by your actions, I have bid the throne to offer prescriptive insight to excuse them. The only rejoinder received by these inquiries is that of deafening silence. The path forward is clear: continued collaboration with Khimi Harar is incongruous and mutually exclusive to faithful service of the throne.

Within twenty four hours of the delivery of this message, Local is Primary will reset standings with Khimi Harar from +5 to 0. After six additional days, all station privileges for Local is Primary structures in The Bleak Lands, Devoid, Metropolis, and Heimatar regions will be revoked. The Yassavi family have assured me of their support in all measures deemed necessary, and will follow suit.

May God have mercy on your souls, as you will receive none from true servants of the Empire.

. … ./ / // //END INTERCEPTION //////////… . … ./ / // ///////


Alea iacta est.

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