Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Didn’t ARC post an open bounty about 2 months ago incentivizing the hunting and destruction of Caldari Navy vessels for snippets of data?

Didn’t ARC endanger those very same people left in Pochven you claim to care about with that ridiculous “evacuation” operation way back?

Isn’t ARC even arguably to blame for the aggression of Drifters and their drones, having hunted the latter down fanatically when the first, harmless models emerged?

I could keep going but we’d be here all day. Anyone that takes even a cursory look at your organization and its history can see clear as day that you are nothing but a gang of irresponsible self-styled researchers that care for nothing but whatever curiosity has grabbed your interest at the time, something that in typical independent capsuleer fashion, you engage with violently and 0 forethought.

To imply that you are motivated by philanthropic aspirations is nothing short of laughable.


Thank you for providing such a clear example of my remarks.

A open bounty was offered for the data. Something you yourself has also done for the same ‘snippets of data’

ARC was open throughout it all and a diplomatic agreement was almost made, despite the people being treated as hostages. The reaction to someone who claimed to speak with consent of the Triglavian Collective was all it took to show the true and bloodthirsty nature of many of the pro-triglavian supporters. And before you bring up the infiltrator that abused the evacuation effort: ARC has already been cleared of that. It’s certainly an argument that keeps being brought up like a broken record.

There is zero evidence of this and plenty of others did exactly the same thing. It’s just very convenient to lay the blame on an organisation that is open about it and shared the results, isn’t it?

If I didn’t know any better I would say someone is having a bad case of projection and maybe even envy.

But once again thank you for confirming several of my statements that you referred to.

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The bounty on naval intelligence data was a bounty on Caldari Navy vessels. It followed a string of defiant violations of Navy ordinances.

This was my first direct contact with ARC, and it engraved in my mind the impression of your gang as vicious, flippant tabloid reporters. It will take much to change that.


Might be the weightiest sentence of… whatever that was; I confess a little awe at using so many words for a literary equivalent of a child covering her ears.


I spit out my tea. Thanks for this.

I don’t believe that the honorable Malitia-haani has, at any point, offered a bounty on the collation and collection of such data fragments, Dutch. It is important to try and keep facts straight.


Oh no, they did. They just want you to think they didn’t. It’s all good. People are very adept at changing their stripes to suit them in this universe.

I certainly have. At least I’m honest about it.

Oh my, what controversy!

I won’t try and defend the crimes of ARC, but hey, we’ve all done morally dark things. It comes with being capsuleers. I will give them two thumbs up for this recent operation though. A broken clock, and all that~

There’s nothing really controversial. I have been telling about it all this time. The ARC is an organization that was started in the first place by a disgraced person who was spreading open lies and defamations about State personnel. I have this organization marked as ‘hostile’ since quite long ago and would treat them on the grid with warm welcoming fire, not really differentiating them much from gallentean invaders or gurista.


And hey, that’s your right. But I couldn’t really care who they slandered. If they’re killing my enemies, then that’s that. Same with the Empire: I may have a good amount of disdain for them, but I still cheer when they stomp the Trig’s. And if it thins out the Empire’s ranks a bit in the process, win-win.

Well, when they slander, it means they are aggressive and hostile to such degree to act in illegally criminal ways to show their hostility. Which, I hope you agree, is a bit more severe than simply declaring themselves as enemies. Becase when they show their hostility by committing a criminal offense (like libels or slander), they become not just enemies, but also criminals.

I probably could cheer if they kill another enemy. Or I could cheer if they will be killed by that enemy. But don’t you think it’s too much cheering for no actual gain?


Kim, by all appearances, you remain the same cardboard cut-out of a militia pilot you were eight years ago. I’m almost impressed with your consistency, if that weren’t the consistency of undifferentiated gruel.

Ms. Jouhinen, the ‘crimes,’ per Kim, are basically as follows: I said mean things about her. Also, I lied about her. Ergo, evil and dishonorable. She actually spent some years attempting to derail any ARC-related thread I’d post on this basis.

The lies: calling her a Provist. Her argument was that she was never part of the Providence Directorate, so even though she’d love to have been, so it was a lie. Even though she was, by every measure of colloquial language, as Provist as an independent Capsuleer can be.

Also, I accused her of piracy when she, under station guns, engaged fellow militia pilots of Pyre Falcon, who she disliked as their particular brand of loyalty didn’t involve feverish worship of Heth. There are, of course, the usual Galnet records supporting this, along with public statements from the time by PYRE pilots about Kim’s usual trouble.

OH! And there was the time that she decided it was a lie and slander to accuse her of summarily executing ethnic Gallente GalMil prisoners of war, despite that it was her OWN capsuleer profile account that broadcast the footage of that very thing.

Lastly, ‘disrespecting an officer in uniform’ or some such. Because evidently being mean to a militia pilot like KIm is criminal, and anyone Kim deems fit is subject to her personal interpretation of military discipline.

I suppose the final straw was that she demanded a duel to salve her injured honor and/or pride, and I laughed at her.

As I still do to this day.


Dredged this up. Original by @Charles_Cambridge_Schmidt I believe.

Edited to be less in ones face.

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While I’ll still uncertain as to how good an idea it is to meme on a given pilot, Teinyhr, this is an excellent example of how sometimes farcically far pilots will push ‘personal interpretations’ so as to present themselves in the best light. There are more than a few hypocritical pilots out there always seeking the moral high ground while engaging in mental gymnastics that would give a philosopher an aneurysm.

It’s best, pilots, to admit when there’s fault, to engage honestly and forthrightly, and so on. Please note, however, that this sort of forthrightness requires that all parties approach the conversation with at least some amount of willingness to engage.


If I get a slap on the wrist for that, cannot be shougainai’d.

Things hardly ever change around here, it seems.

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All hidden flagged comments should have a new home ---------->>>> HERE

Speaking of admitting fault, wasn’t it you who put out a hit on State and Federation navies? For wanting to remain neutral, that’s a pretty morally black thing to do. Maybe you’d like to admit your fault?

What you believe about me turned out to be false on numerous occasion, and I’d ask you to cease spreading your inflamed imagination about me if you were more honorable, but I guess it would be just casting pearls before swines, so I’ll just correct your stupidity, by saying that ‘crimes’ is not saying a ‘mean thing about me’, which is obvious only a product of your hateful mind, but a ‘spreading of obviously false information about me that defames Caldari uniform’, which has nothing to do to ego, despite hateful personalities like you foolishly assume, but with defending reputation of Caldari State and Militia.

Of course lies by itself is a dishonor, but your personal dishonor comes with your coward refusal to stand and answer for your words. If I did something wrong, I always answer for that, but you act as a criminal, not a honorable person.

I don’t even have to argue about that, the accuser should bring the evidences, which you apparently haven’t (which in fact makes you a slanderer). Moreover, a calling me of a Provist isn’t even an accusation, but knowing your hostile attitude it can be considered as is from your point of view. In either way, your cherrypicking is rather noticeable, here is the whole list of your initial slanders:

And if you see, on 1st and 3rd places are ones which you under no circumstances could show to be true. You do know about the concept of a lie by omission? You just openly stated that the lies is “calling her a Provist” without listing even official ones I have listed and way more you have been spilling out of your hateful mouth since then.

And just think… because of what? Because I “dared” to offer you to join us? Just think of yourself how much disgusting you are if you start being so irrationally hateful to those who try to make an alliance with you.

And now that’s just hypocrisy multiplied by stupidity.
Wasn’t you in that tratitorous I-RED organization that even declared WAR on major Caldari militai corporations, and you DARE to blame us for cleansing our ranks internally? Protectorate is not your business and never was, it’s you who have no rights to meddle into our business.

But even the type you’re meddling into our business shows your character in full: you’re literally supporting a pilot who OPENLY stated her allegiance to GURISTA PIRATES, against a pilot who was loyal to the State all these years. Apparently ~shooting gurista under station gun~ is a crime for you. Right? I can pull now all the line leading to “how I was right all this time”, but it’s not about it. You could have claimed I was making up about Gesakaarin back then, but what is worse, you STILL defend her, even after it became public knowledge.

If I have done even a quarter of what you have committed, I’d already bring apologies to ancestors and took a cup of tea. But since you didn’t, I can openly say that even scammers in Jita deserve more respect than you.

I think with my previous post I have shown that dishonorable people can’t admit their faults even if they know it’s a fault. I think you will have a better luck asking a Sansha pilot to denounce Kuvakei than asking Makoto to admit her faults.

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