Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Very sincere. What I want for the cluster is a kindness to humanity, and it must happen. I would expect nothing less in return from any righteous crusader. If, for example, I were the one that is misled, which I am not. but it turns out that I am though, please reclaim me!

It would require a good deal of violence though, being righteous is not for the faint of heart. The opposite is quiet easy.

Look at it this way, Arrendis: who do you think she expects to win?

(It’s not necessarily herself. . . .)

Unless you know, standing on ground and there were mountains obstructing the view on the other side.

And by extension of that logic, one should be able to see infinitely into space. And yet resolution is lost.

I’m surprised someone with a strong scientific mind like yourself didn’t consider that before posting what you just did.

Your also assuming that a primitive race would understand what it is they were looking at with the two sticks, and have the necessary physics and mathematical background to explain it as curvature.

I think the issue is that your applying (not so complex ideas for us) but to them as if they should know better.

You of all people know the iterative process of observation, generation of a hypothesis, testing, applying, then refining the process ad nauseam over many many years.

In fact, I would say that you do have a religion that you follow. The religion of science. And as long as it’s verified, you believe it. Nothing wrong with that, by the way, but it seems that’s what you put your faith into. So I propose that you actually do believe. Just not in the Amarrian mumbo-jumbo or the metaphysical.

I have a lot of respect for you and that amazing mind of yours.

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Why should God care whether the Minmatar understand? He is glorified either way. If they believe, then they are glorified by their praise and worship of him. If they do not believe, then he is glorified by their destruction in one of the lower levels of Hell.

That sounded a lot like “Chase me”.

Is Zeri flirting with Arrendis?

I did. What’s more, I said it:


Nope, I’m not assuming anything about the primitive race or whether or not they realize what they’re looking at. I’m addressing this:

ie: whether or not the evidence existed. Which it did. Whether or not it was recognized is an entirely different matter, now isn’t it?

No, for a few reasons. Let’s start off with what religion is:

Now, obviously in this case, (1) is circular, so not useful. (2) requires the supernatural, so again, not applicable. That leaves us with (3)—a system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith. Is ‘science’ a system of beliefs?

The answer is no, it is not. Science is a methodology, a means of questioning beliefs. And the point of science is to actively, continuously, relentless challenge the things you think might be true. So if you’re aggressively challenging the things you think you ‘know’, then can you be said to be holding to those things with ardor and faith? I think not.

Next, faith is belief in the absence of evidence. Faith is the investment of belief, an active position, a claim of ‘I believe this is true’. The scientific method doesn’t really allow for that, especially in the absence of evidence. If there’s no evidence, you can’t make the claim that you believe it. You can make the claim that you think it might be true… but then you have to go and try to find reasons it might not be true. And you can’t claim that it’s even likely to be true until you’ve gone and demonstrated all those reasons why it might not… are wrong.

That’s not religion. That’s not faith. That’s questioning, and it’s why just as I can’t accept a claim that ‘God exists’, I can’t make the claim ‘God definitely doesn’t exist’. Only that if God exists, there’s yet to be any demonstrable evidence for it, so we can’t go adding this ‘God’ thing to our explanations of the observed data.

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So you did!

A little stuck on this. If a primitive race didn’t have the necessary understanding of math and physics, then there is a high chance they wouldn’t recognize it. Should that be held against them?

That’s a very good point. Well said.

I should have paid more attention to what you said. I was just rambling.

Don’t know, don’t care, don’t have an opinion. :smiley: The evidence is there, no matter who notices. :wink:

Exactly, you nailed it. Feedback loops

The use of the star was a metaphor of the push/pull forces that basically keep a star stable.

It wasn’t the intention to sound magic-y. I simply meant to point out that these opposing forces (in any form) are constantly fighting each other. Even at the atomic level, both positive and negative charge are responsible for the cohesion of an atom.

Now… The Star reference is an interesting circumstance. “Oh it’s absurd to say being generous or greedy will cause a star to go super nova.”


Is it really that absurd?

Example: The Stellar Lattice discovered around W477-P was constructed by the Talocan. A selfish attempt to focus the universe to fuel their grand design. By harnessing the power of the star, they created Anoikis to serve their own needs. In this example, their greed led to a massive leap forward in technology that even today we’ve only barely begun to fully understand.

But… It did not come without cost. This action gradually caused quantum imbalance of cosmic proportions. In the end, we had Caroline Star. An event which negatively affected Millions if not Billions of sentient beings. Even though it may have been centuries after the lattice was constructed, it still had widespread impact.

So… It’s really not outlandish to say the greed of humanity can cause a star to explode.

Now we have the empires manipulating stars again with Triglavian technology. Tech that more or less works within the same scientific principals as that of the W477-P lattice, on a much smaller scale. The Turner event should be a fairly obvious REDFLAG that we are already retracing the steps of the Talocan. The greed for advanced and superior technology that led the Talocan down the same road.

Eventually the pendulum will swing the other way.

Please stop mucking up a thread that’s been mercifully free of the shite that infects every other thread on the IGS.


I agree with Arrendis. Stop. Please.


That’s fine and all Pilot, but the spirit of the Galnet thread is to post about your ship, not transmit a direct upload from your onboard receiver that serves solely as a middle finger to anyone on the other end. It was unnecessary, contributed nothing interesting or useful and came across more like trolling than wanting to actively engage in one of the more civil parts of this Galnet forum. We Capsuleers often have much to disagree on, let alone fire lasers and antimatter rounds over, but we can at the least agree to admire the origin stories of our most favoured vessel’s names and their greatest moments in space.

Do better.


Wasn’t actually meant to be trolling.

Not intended as a middle finger transmission either.

It may not have been along the same format as other posts, but we’re all the writers of our own story.

So I got a bit more creative?

In a thread which is about sharing details, stories, histories and names of vessels we consider our flagship, or particularly important to ourselves, you decided to get ‘creative’ by telling us nothing at all. Redacted information everywhere, or a corrupted/blocked transmission from said mystery ship doesn’t come across as clever or ‘creative’. It comes across as attention seeking at best in a thread that we’ve all tried very hard to stop becoming the usual Capsuleer pissing contest everything else devolves into.

But at this point it’s clear we’re barking up a brick wall. I really aught stop feeding the fedo.


I am neither seeking attention nor fishing for it.

To those that know me, the redactions are as applicable to both pilot and ship.
To those that don’t, however, it certainly could come across as instigation of a pissing contest.

Does not mean -is-.

If I were attempting to do so, it would be far more obvious.
I wouldn’t deny it either.


It’s just obnoxious

Why would you draw attention to something that is going to end up being redacted anyway?

That’s like me saying,

“Look, look! My dossier! Take a look at it! It’s awesome!”

And you open it and it says

Name: [redacted]
Age: [redacted]
Sex: [redacted]
Race: [redacted]


Service record: [redacted]
Bodybuilding trophies and awards: [redacted]

It serves absolutely no purpose but to draw attention to yourself.


After which people realise you have nothing to show. Do it enough times and people start to ignore you.

Intentional or not, that’s what you were doing. And it’s not appreciated. You want someone to pay attention, have it be something worth paying attention to. It is earned, not given, and for most is not worth the trouble of obtaining in the first place.

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Indeed we are. And there are a great many things that most of us know, but cannot share. As a result… we tend not to talk about knowing them.

Congratulations today for your five years of using these forums!

… and apologies for being on-topic for the topic of the off-topic thread. But if doesn’t belong here then it is somehow off-topic for the off-topic thread, making it on-topic for … :exploding_head:

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Talk about hitting a nerve…

To be frank, my intentions and goals are my own to state.

Anyone else’s attempt to frame my intentions as something other than my statement, are acting as if they know my internal thoughts better than I do.

My internal thoughts are also sometimes [REDACTED]. So how would someone else know them first?
this is sarcasm