Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

He did ultimately abandon around half of that decade, though.

In retrospect… I don’t think he did. I think the singular thread through it all is ‘I am the chosen one and I can speak for God’, and everything else is just the latest set of rationalizations for why Mr. Superspecial can’t seem to get a girl.

That’s something that resurfaced after Ms. Tsukiyo persuaded him he didn’t need to worry about his own cursed ego. There was an interregnum, and it’s not the same now as it was. He’s walking a similar path, with similar reasoning, but so far he’s staying closer to home with his heresy.

Joking and buffoonery aside, I would like to reiterate that we were invaded on a cluster-wide scale only a couple of years ago, by an adversary that we still don’t know the military extent of, but that we do know is in possession of technology more advanced than what we currently possess or understand, and with whom we have no formal peace treaty nor cease fire agreement.

Whilst a communications disruption may not necessarily indicate an invasion, I’d argue that it’d be sensible for the nations to put the CEMWPA wars on hold temporarily to ensure our collective defenses are in good order.

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Don’t be too hard on Naupy-kins.

The reason why his prophecies have failed is because the divine line of spiritual foresight offered from his god has to pass through the one true emperor first, then to him. But seeing that the middle man is missing….

You can’t blame him.

Silly, people are busy grinding for Navy Dreadnoughts.

Morgana did not persuade me of anything. She removed your horrifying curse and allowed me to find my way to the most true religion ever: sedevacantism. Stop hardening your hearts against sedevacantism. Choose the True Emperor. Reject the decadent, pacifist liberalism of this age.

So admittedly you haven’t been getting up to megadeaths (so far) but do you really not see any parallels between your prior, cursed path and this one? Notably the way both of them have YOU as their main prophet?

Remember what the curse is, Mr. Nauplius: a curse of ego-- humility, stolen.

Morgana Tsukiyo convinced you she was lifting the curse because she was curious what you’d be like in bed (or wherever it was) and also what you’d do if you thought you were free of it.

Since she’s got a real and enduring love of chaos, I expect she’s pleased with her investment.

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The central figure of sedevacantism is the True Emperor; I am a mere Doctor of the Faith preparing the way for his arrival. Sedevacantists who wish to reverence a living person may visit the Shrine of Our Lady of the Blessed Hips on the Jin-Mei homeworld, where they may also find the Side Chapel dedicated to the Sidekick of Our Lady of the Blessed Hips. Even so, may the True Emperor come quickly. Amen. Amarr Victor.

Sooo remind us who it was who discovered these various insights, o humble Doctor of the Faith?

Stop being argumentative and start believing in the Amarr God. People have been far too patient with you.

I will admit that you do seem to be sincere in such calls, and sincerity can be an admiral quality, however im not sure if its born out naivety or willful ignorance this case.

The Empire is perhaps the most egregious of using the “Lets work together” rational during the very cluster wide invasion that you speak of to enhance itself at the expense of the other Concord Members. While you may sincerely believe in it, your betters do not. As such, we must continue to fight the CEMWPA wars, despite any cluster wide threat.

So, just as a minor style point: When the entire document lists an ‘About the Author’ that credits one name ‘Dameon Jaeger’, it’s not really necessary to attribute all of the quotations, separately, to Dameon Jaeger. After all, the whole thing is one long Dameon Jaeger quote; he wrote it.

Also, I think pages 18 and 19 are reversed, since the ‘Overview Setup’ heading title is, well, all of page 17, but page 18 is ‘About the Author’ and then page 19 is the actual information about setting up the overview. Oh, and p12, last word of the first paragraph has a typo. So does the first word of the 2nd sentence on p10.

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In response to a post that included…

I’m not saying that’s the bit that response applied to, but I’m definitely marking this one for posterity. Thanks, Ibs! :wink:

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I very nearly edited my comment to get ahead of you on this very claim. But I did not and battles are won by the people who show up. :stuck_out_tongue: :cocktail:

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you guys are still here? why

we want to see how many posts this thread can contain before the IGS folds in on itself and collapses.

It’ll auto-close at 10,000. At which point, I’ll request the Utari’s Puppies thread be re-opened and rename it to Off-Topic Thread Classic.

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But it isn’t locked. It’s one of the old ones that has no lock on it.

Even better!