Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

I love how you can always, without question, and without fail, find passive aggression all over the IGS. It’s like junk food that I shouldn’t be eating, but man.


I’ve had my limit today of people prying apart my inability to voice my thoughts coherently when my head is ■■■■■■■ trashed… As I’m one for extremes at current, here’s an ultimatum: Give me the opportunity to rectify it without public lambast, or kindly die in a fire…

Then stop being such an passive aggressive child every time you reply to somebody.

The same applies to you, warmonger.

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You’re walking on a road. You’ve been hiking for a walk, or walking for a while, and things aren’t too terrible, but you have room on your person for a few more things, but your shoulders are tired, and you’d like less weight. On the road, you come across something: a cool looking rock, or stick, or whatever. It serves no purpose other than being satisfying to get, despite having weight.

Nomistrav, every time the opportunity presents itself, you pick up that rock. You pick up that stick. It doesn’t matter why: you pick it up anyway. Every time. It doesn’t matter who or what, but you pick up the rock. You wouldn’t feel so tired if you stopped picking up rocks.


No-one else will.

The rock in this metaphor is a passive aggressive comment, Nomistrav. You pick them up. You pick all of them up. You cannot help yourself. You don’t even have them on display in a neat collection.

Why the hell are you so concerned, anyway? Don’t you have an orgy to attend?

I’m not concerned! It’s true I could care less, and I certainly will after this, though. As for the casual racism – that’s not the rock, that’s the stick. And here you are again.

… sorry, Schmidt…

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Maybe you ought to avoid these forums when you’re unwell, then.

Might help to avoid pissing off people who have only ever been kind to you.

Good night, good morning, whatever.

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Why are you two arguing over the manner in which you agree? I mean, I’ve sen some really ridiculously pointless pedantry on the IGS, but never when it’s not from me. WTF?


A thing about that: the Empire generally seems to actually believe its own dogma. I’m sure not everyone does, but it does affect how slaves are treated.

I don’t expect you to think that makes it “okay.” Actually I expect you’ll see it as just another subtle shade of horrible. Just, there really does seem to be a difference in how people are treated, and what their lives are like, depending on where, and with whom, they end up.

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I’m sure they do.

Not enough of them. And especially not enough of the people who actually have power over slaves. And even of the ones that do believe, the dogma itself has become so twisted by corruption that the system is undeniably broken.


Given the contempt for democratic representation displayed by @Arsia_Elkin and by @Arrendis I really wonder what their problem is with the Khanid masses being disenfranchised by being represented by Chakaid on the say-so of an autocratic monarch.

The problem with Chakaid is that he’s ■■■■■■■ evil, not that he wasn’t voted in.

It’s pretty simple.


I thought the original issue as raised by @Melisma_Ramijozana was whether Chakaid was representative of the Khanid.

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Does he generally hold beliefs and opinions typical of the citizens of the Kingdom? I don’t really care.
He wasn’t voted into power? I don’t care at all.

I care that he’s not fit to rule.

And electing your leaders doesn’t help ensure they’re fit to rule. It encourages dishonesty and manipulation. Elected politicians focus on getting as much support of the dumbest people in a society, simply feeding them what they want to hear or scaring them into voting for them.

A vote may work fine for something like everyone voting on the flavor of cake at a party, but when it comes to political opinions, the average person really doesn’t know anything. That coupled with the fact that the consequences of a bad ruler are extremely severe mean that it really doesn’t make sense for literally everyone to have an equal voice in the matter of who gets into power. It makes the system far too vulnerable.

Whether elected or not, evil is evil. Whether elected or not, good is good.


I have no issue at all with the Khanid people being disenfranchised. That’s on them. If they want democracy, then they need to take it for themselves.

I do, however, have issue with anyone claiming that they are being ‘represented’ by Chakaid, or that they can establish how representative Derp-Duke Chakaid is of the Khanid people in either direction.

Chakaid does not represent the Khanid people. Chakaid doesn’t claim to represent the Khanid people. Chakaid is, as he claims:

He represents King Khanid. Not ‘the Khanid people’ or ‘the Khanid masses’. He doesn’t give a crap about the masses, or about their interests. He cares about power: who has it, and how he can get more of it. That’s it.

Just like any other Blooder.

Just like his King.