Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Which is why philosophers should be shot.

You mean, Bull-■■■■ Artists?

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Philosophers get dumped in the harbor wearing steel shoes right after the lawyers and politicians.

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Don’t you think, that expecting rewards from a belief is a little bit egoistic and hedonistic? Humanity needs beliefs because we want to know something that we cannot know.

You can not perceive grandeur beyond a singular state.

Me: checking my assets
My Assets tab: you have 94824 Scourge Light Missiles in [insert system and station here]

That was from when I only flew Condors for PVE, and decided I had to buy 100k Scourge Light Missiles

That is around 1 mil in t1 missiles (I think)

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How is that different from anticipating the rewards from your Megacorp based on your performance?

Belief is what you hold for yourself, and your performance at work is what you do for others.

Too bad we’re not allowed to attend. I’m sure we could hustle up some Udorian outfits to be the OPFOR for such a themed event.

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Damn, I’d have the perfect props.

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But you have heard of my academic work ?


Only because you keep talking about it. Never from anyone else.

I know a few who keep an eye on Valerie’s advances. They’re not the type to gossip.

Now I want to know

Lord Vaari didn’t respond to you. He probably doesn’t understand the convention or isn’t used to such things applying to folk of his exalted station. Anyway, to return the courtesy you did me lately, I appreciate your tenacity in seeking common ground while retaining your own perspective.


Hm. Admirable.

(And not just because it’s me you’re agreeing with, though I’m probably not totally immune to that.)

May I always be able to concede as gracefully, Mr. Thorne.

No, that’s the point. The single-celled prokaryote has strengths you don’t, like needing a vastly lesser amount of energy to survive and reproduce. It doesn’t need to go through all the complicated ‘must find a mate’ rigmarole, either. It just grows, replicates, and divides, and sometimes it smooshes itself up against another prokaryote, and the two of them trade genetic information, and then separate again to go on their merry way.

No, you don’t, because you exist in a wider variety of environments simultaneously than it does. You’re on the surface of something, you say… but you’re existing within a range of pressures, humidities, temperatures, air motions… not necessarily a wide range, by our standards, but by the standards of that prokaryote? I’m fairly certain that the surface it’s living on, and the air around your head, differ immensely as far as it’s concerned. Especially if it lives in a puddle.

Or, you know, is everything that lives in water an extremophile?

But you have a much greater set of needs, both in terms of complexity and in terms of sheer quantity. It doesn’t need all the crap you do. It doesn’t need clothes, it doesn’t need as many calories, it might not need oxygen at all… heck, it might need an anaerobic environment,

But since you brought up ‘extremophiles’… How many worlds out there are actively used to harvest microbes, but are way outside of the window of human habitability, either because of gravity, or temperature, or what have you? I know my own employees run operations on at least 20. Meanwhile, the worlds we live on, we live inside carefully-controlled artificial environments, or we’ve terraformed… and most of them, not exactly all that well. Athra, Gallente Prime, Matar, New Caldari Prime, a few others… heck, Caldari Prime (original recipe) is just barely habitable. Frankly, the idea that you’d marginalize them as ‘extremophiles’ is kinda funny. The truth is more that we’re fragile little hothouse flowers.

As an example, just look at the surface pressures listed for the 4 temperate planets in the Rens systems.

Rens II: ‘Low’.
Rens III: ‘Very Low’.
Rens V: 13.23 kPa
Rens VI: 290.45 kPa

Now, I don’t know exactly what ‘Low’ and ‘Very Low’ mean, but clearly, they’re not at the ‘we’re able to measure this in kiloPascals’ range, because the other two are measured in kPa, so there must be a reason they’re not.

1 standard atmosphere, the way every station in New Eden is pressurized to, is roughly 101 kPa. So even if we say ‘Low’ and ‘Very Low’ are just ‘we’re too lazy to tell you’, then Rens V and Rens VI are both worlds where microbes can be harvested, but human life can’t just go stretching out on the beach in a bikini.

To say nothing of Rens V having an average temp of 314k, and Rens VI at 306, which are about 30 and 20 kelvin higher than a comfortable range for most of the planet. Rens V is mostly water, so that’d be a really, really rainy place and probably dealing with a lot of storms, while VI has a huge-ass continent, so that’s a whole lotta very, very dry interior… neither one is especially conducive to our form of life, but the microbes seem to love it!

I mean, I know people were talking about what they termed “traditional” relationships, but that’s taking it to extremes, no ?

Not at all, that was in reference to… Skarkon, was it ? that the Cartel invaded, claimed sovereignty over, and then the Elder-Thukker Armada showed up out of nowhere and spanked them most thoroughly ?

You’d have to ask an actual Blood Raider about that. I have my suspicions though, mostly revolving around Omir Sarikusa choosing to broadcast a video of his old wrinkly butte as he bathed in blood, across the entirety of New Eden.
It attracts a certain kind of person, that kind of thing.
Seriously though, the Blood Raiders, being the extreme of the extreme, their culture is that of seeking to acquire personal power over above all other goals. This results in an organisational culture where people would rather screw over a rival even if it harms the Covenant as a whole, rather than do something beneficial to the whole group if it risks someone else getting any credit.
This is not conducive to the creation of a culture of competence.

Every buttehead criminal just has to jingle a bunch of shiny things, and capsuleers go “ooo, shiny!” and flock like psychotic murderous sheep to follow the shiny thing. It’s rather tedious to be honest.

I have standards.


They’re the best laser crystal. Heyooo!


Thanks Professor Pseudomonas.

But there was hardly anything new in that dissertation that I didn’t already know.

And it took you 10 days to compose that.

Absolutely Gripping…

Meanwhile, Aria already pointed out where my logical block was rooted and helped me to see past it.