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(Ameriya) #1919

The surgery is going to take as long as it takes. I’m not going to neglect a patient just to have drinks with someone.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #1920

Oh look, the Empire - and yes, the Kingdom is a part of the Empire according to all these loyalists and officials - doing what the Empire does. Violent and horrific abuse of people for their own profits, powermongering and benefits. To no one’s great surprise at that.

This right here is what Imperial loyalists stand for, when they refuse to stand against it.

There is no half-measures, no acceptable middle-ground. This is why this issue will always be black and white, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you that you can’t just go with the easy route of vague harrumphing and “long term” stances.

There’s no neutrality here. While I’m sure it sucks for some, not picking a side means you picked one.

(Valerie Valate) #1921

I actually suspect Omir’s lot, for the following reasons:

  1. Omir is a butte
  2. Omir’s lot have form for using psychogas to bomb planets - see the Mabnem Incident
  3. Omir’s lot have access to some of the Takmahl biochemical science, including various psychoactive and nerve agents.
  4. Omir is a butte - this being a point worth reiterating
  5. Delve is pretty close to the Khanid Kingdom, so within strike range of Omir’s band of fools.
  6. It’s getting to the time of year when Omir seems to want to make a bigger ass of himself than usual.
  7. Samira says she has nothing to do with this, and I believe her. She has integrity.
  8. It’s just like Omir’s lot to do something stupid and not claim responsibility until after all the fingers have been pointed at everyone else. Ahahahaaa, it was ME! and all that.

(Kalaratiri) #1922

I love it when they do that

(Hexelen) #1923

Just wondering why there’s been no outcry against the disenfranchised Caldari scraping by in Everyshore. Who’s going to go to Wiyrkomi and demand that laborers be made executives, despite being born to the labor workgroup? Maybe due to the fact that the Wiyrkomi stations are sovereign territory. Just like Jin-Mei states. @Ret_Gloriaxx wrote,

The representative conveyed the council’s continued disappointment for the disregard capsuleers have shown…

…and this is the part that hasn’t sunk it yet. So it seems.

The casteless here are fortunate beyond measure to have found a benefactor in the Ensînate. This won’t be the new normal.

(Diana Kim) #1924

“AD”? What in Maker’s name is “AD”? Absolute domination? Adventure diggers?
And… TWENTY THREE thousand years ago? I don’t think even Jove could count THAT deep.

(Teinyhr) #1925

My, didn’t you just recently boast how Caldari have the best education anywhere? You should know the history of universal time then.

AD is Anno Domini, taken to mean “year of our lord”. It is sourced from the records of both the Amarr and the Jove, infact the oldest data fragments recovered from the Jove observatories are timestamped with this dating system though AD is absent in them, likely contribution of the Amarr Empire.

Or are you just pretending to be dumb again, Kim-baka?

(Diana Kim) #1926

Or maybe you are the dumb one, or maybe you’re just CDS? You know, one of these who are ranting about “Earth” and other sci-fi, considering it to be “real”?

What is year 0AD then? What event happened in this moment of time and triggered the start of year counting? Maybe you will also tell what exact planed did it originate from, eh?

(Teinyhr) #1927

You can look up anything I said on any historybook. None said anything about “earth”, maybe it’s you who has capsuleer dementia…

Year zero, or probably one, would seem to be a year over 23,000 years in the past.

How would I know why they (Amarr or Jove) decided to start counting time then? The history books don’t go that far. At least not ones available to public perusal.

(Diana Kim) #1928

Oh, cmon, neither of Amarr planets has orbital period of 365 days.
Before YC there was FC, and before that was AR (yes, AR, not AD). Now, grab that “history book” of yours and tell me what event all these thousands of years ago triggered that?

You know there are no civilizations found that OLD so far. Even the oldest prehistoric structures unattributed to any of existing civilizations found in many places of the cluster are younger than that.

(Diana Kim) #1929

I am taking no offense, since it’s your point of view, apparently.
I just strongly disagree with it. Freedom can’t show Light, it can show only Darkness, darkness of ultimate destruction. Since freedom is nothing but mindless destruction, separation, degradation. The whole essence of freedom is separating bonds. It can’t create anything, it can only destroy what exists.

It’s the way of destruction. It can’t be right.

We in the State destroy only when someone threatens us with destruction. We destroy methods of destruction. We destroy destructive machines. We destroy destructive people (like same Freedom Fighters and similar terrorists). But as soon as there won’t be any freedom-obsessed maniacs, we won’t have to wage wars anymore, we will be able to live in peace, we will be creating and forging our own future, future for Caldari children without fear of any freedom fighting maniacs threating them.

We will secure the existence of our people, whatever will be the cost.

(Teinyhr) #1930

AR and FC? AR = Age of Rouvenor, started when Doule dos Rouvenor III ascended to the throne. Federal Calendar was introduced in 1702AR when the “The Federated Union of Gallente Prime” was founded.

Does it cause you physical pain to admit that you’re wrong?

Establishment of Universal time:

Prior to the Yoiul Conference, each empire used its own time-keeping method, typically based off the rotation and orbital period of their home planet. This obviously caused much confusion in trade, travel, and other enterprises, prompting the creation of one single calendar to the top of the agenda in peace negotiations.

Three different methods of time-keeping were established. The Arithmetics wanted to use a calendar based off mathematical measurements of the galaxy’s rotation, with even the second redefined into scientific notational standards. The 25ers pointed to (now discredited) studies of the human internal clock which said a 25-hour day was most optimal. The final group, the Traditionalists, wished to use historical calendars they claimed were based on early settlements throughout New Eden.

In the end, it was the Traditionalists who prevailed, thanks to their strategy of lobbying politicians directly. The calendar proposed was reconstructed from fragmentary data recovered from early records, such as the Amarr Scriptures and information provided by the Jove. This decision was not without controversy, though later studies of the human biological clock proved that it matched the 24-hour cycle neatly.

After the establishment of Universal Time, the recording of years was begun at YC 0. Years prior to YC 0 traditionally count down from 23236 AD, based on extrapolation from old records used to construct the current calendar. A recent scientific push has called for dates prior to YC 0 to either count into negatives (ie. YC -10) or to count backwards using BYC as the notation (ie. BYC 10). However, no public traction has been gained to adjust the laws already in place.

(Diana Kim) #1931

The question was about your “AD”, not AR or FC.

TWENTY THREE THOUSANDS YEARS AGO. Maker… this is getting annoying already. There is nothing human made in the cluster that old!

(Teinyhr) #1932

Your inability to read or understand what you read is indeed getting old.

(Veskin Sentinel) #1933

When citing the journalist, please include the whole sentence, rather than just digging words out of the context.

The representative conveyed the council’s continued disappointment for the disregard capsuleers have shown for the local regulations on colonies and the council’s disapproval for colonies founded illegally, without the permission of local member states.

Yes, the Sang Do have their right to say we are meddlesome. Well I didn’t want to say it that way, but back in the day when Tei-Su had suffered a lot of damage from the lasting civil war on the planet, there was a Sang Do person that coordinated the efforts towards the ceasefire, the end of the civil war and the relief efforts after that. The man in question is Xun Yu, he is currently retired. And back then a lot of capsuleers were involved in that relief effort. At that time Mr Xun had managed to convince the rest of the Sang Do lords to cooperate with capsuleers in order to rebuild what was lost in the civil war. Back then no one complained that capsuleers intervened.

The situation is a bit different right now. We got exiles that suffered too much. Even when the Sang Do are in their full right to punish the casteless, for their crimes and such, Sang Do still have an obligation to make sure exiles got some coverage of their very basic needs. Otherwise they would simply execute them, sign their death sentence. Or maybe they wanted them to suffer for generatioons, rot and die on the planet slowly? I am really not into Jin-Mei judicial practices. Maybe that is the norm in their society?

So when the entire Jin-Mei population was suffering from the civil war, no one complained about capsuleer intervention, but now, when capsuleers yet again want to extend a helping hand to suffering Jin-Mei, they say “Don’t help them, they are exiles!”. And that would be just about right if there was not the fact that most of these exiles were the grand-children of the people that were punished for their crimes. So we saw them as being punished for no crimes.

And that justifies the capsuleer intervention. We just see these people as victims and we are looking to give them redemption. It is not guaranteed, but yes, they are lucky, many thanks to the Garouni Royals.

And for the Caldari in Everyshsore - please provide more info. I am sure there will be capsuleer organizations that will stand behind them.

(Valerie Valate) #1934

AD is a measure of divine Time, since the first message from God to the People, on the Old World.

Much later of course, the Prophet Gheinok was born, and led the ancestors of the Amarr to Athra.

(Kalaratiri) #1935

AD = After Dicks

Before that the universe was entirely female.

(Teinyhr) #1936

I can get behind this.

(Arrendis) #1937

Just ignore her.

(Mizhir) #1938

Damm, now I am sad that I missed this.