Off-Topic Thread

(Melisma Ramijozana) #1959

Duh. I gave you the gift of assuming that even with your self-made-martyr-whining, at least you were trying to defend imaginary attacks against yourself. The idea that your paranoia comes from being Priano’s lap dog, on the other hand, is just revolting.

You were more than welcome to save face by circumscribing that topic, as you and your ilk so often do (which is why you can’t be me, you’ve never had an original thought!), but instead, you’ve doubled down on this pathetic woe-is-Priano thing. Grief. Even she herself hasn’t taken it this far, which is more than we can say of you.

But anyway, you’ve committed to the skit, and I’m bored now. Bye, Felicitiri!

(Melisma Ramijozana) #1960

Alcohol makes it better. That’s how I made it through this week.

(Valerie Valate) #1961

You’re an alcoholic.

(Melisma Ramijozana) #1962

I like alcohol. I’m not an alcoholic. Small but significant difference.

(Valerie Valate) #1963

Whatever you say, rummy.

(Melisma Ramijozana) #1964

I don’t have a problem!!!

(Valerie Valate) #1965

All rummies say that.

(Kalaratiri) #1966

I certainly started off assuming you were posting with someone’s hand up your ass, you fit the usual pattern to a T.

I stopped doing that a while ago though, you’re the most fun I’ve had on these boards in a very long time.

Who the hell is Felicitiri?

Makoto is much classier than I am.

(Melisma Ramijozana) #1967

So do non-rummies, such as myself.

(Ameriya) #1968

No drinking, or drugs for me, for the foreseeable future, actually.

(Valerie Valate) #1969

You’re still stuck in the Denial stage.

There are five stages before you are ready for treatment for your alcoholism.

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.

Soon, you’ll become angry at being labelled a rummy.


(Melisma Ramijozana) #1970

What?! That’s so lame.


(Makoto Priano) #1971

I have lap dogs?

And Kalaratiri is one of them?

Well, I guess I learn something new every day.

(Valerie Valate) #1972

Such anger in this one.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #1973

Well, she does come barreling out of the woodwork to white knight you and ARC whenever you come under ideological fire, so it’s an easy mistake to make for someone new to these boards, I’d say.

(Aria Jenneth) #1974

So-- ah, just to mention for no particular reason?

It’s usually at least slightly dangerous to assume anyone who’s speaking here, and particularly anyone with a history, is intellectually stunted somehow. It’s one of the reasons I like this place: most of the visitors have a pretty keen mind and know how to use it-- just, sometimes they don’t bother.

(Makoto Priano) #1975

Usually, I tend to think of people who are willing to help each other as ‘friends,’ but, well, as you like.

(Kalaratiri) #1976

Excuse me. I am not remotely large enough to “barrel”.

As for defending Makoto and/or ARC, I only make any comment at all when their critics are being particularly dumb. Particularly. In this case, ranting about “Have you even asked them if they want help” while people die. Of treatable diseases. And want help.

This is dumb.

In fact ARC isn’t even really the reason I do it. Ideologically we’re actually opposed in a lot of ways. Teasing dumb people for being dumb, especially when they’re being too dumb to realise how dumb they are, is a guilty pleasure of mine I never quite got over.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #1977

You know quite well that’s a malicious rewrite of what they were actually asking, which makes it quite disingenuous to start disparaging their intelligence. I think both of you need to step the hell back and recognize you’re just in an insult cycle neither of you can back up much.

(Kalaratiri) #1978


I mean, spirits, that’s basically this place’s advertising tag-line.

But fine. Carry on.