Official Lore Revisions and Additions Notes

This thread will be used to note significant revisions and additions to the lore as they are made on and/or other locations containing lore and official CCP fiction.



A longstanding and deeply entangled contradiction concerning the location of the city of Mithuris on Matar recently came to light during the researches of the Minmatar Cartographical Society.


  1. Mithuris was mentioned as the home town of Karin Midular close to a crystal plateau (Ray of Matar story)
  2. Mithuris was mentioned as a location in the Coricia continent close to the “Crystal Steppe” (Matar article)
  3. Mithuris was mentioned as being located in the Mikramurka continent and again as home town of Karin Midular (Karin Midular article / Karin Midular funeral news)
  4. Mithuris mentioned as being in Coricia continent, attacked by Amarr and “seat of tribal assembly” (The Elders article)
  5. Conflicting mentions of Mithuris in Game World News articles

To resolve this contradiction and be equitable regarding the interwoven issue of “crystal plateaus” the following broad revision has been made:

  1. Mithuris is a city in the Mikramurka continent with a small crystal plateau known as the Crystal Steppe close to it. Mithuris remains the home town of Karin Midular.
  2. Kulburis is a city in the Coricia continent with a large crystal plateau known as the Crystal Desert located nearby. Kulburis is therefore the once devastated and now regenerating city in the south of the main continent.
  3. The broader effect of this is to indicate ancient colonization landings took place on both Coricia and Mikramurka, resolving that aspect of the contradiction without picking between them.

Addendum: As part of this change to the Matar article notes on Matar City, as mentioned in the Cover Stories chronicle, added to section on Coricia continent.

Revised lore articles:

Related lore articles:


Girani-Fa System and Treaty

Recent World Events brought to notice a minor confusion/contradiction between several lore articles and the status in game of the star system of Girani-Fa in the Genesis region.

  1. Girani-Fa is Amarr sovereignty in game, is not an FW system and appears to have been Amarr sovereignty throughout the life of the game.
  2. The Quafe chronicle describes a dispute with the neighboring Gallente Federation over the system that was resolved in terms of mining rights for the Gallente and mineral supply concessions for the Amarr. The ambiguous term “Gallente control” was used to describe the post-agreement situation in the chronicle.
  3. Girani-Fa and Girani-Fa Incident articles used language taken directly from the Quafe chronicle.
  4. Articles describing the history of the Amarr Empire and the Gallente Federation noted the system was formally Amarr-owned in YC95. They also explicitly noted Amarr sovereignty was maintained with Gallente rights being for mining and mentioning the “cost mineral sales” deal with the Amarr.

The reality is the Girani-Fa system is an Amarr system in game, was described as such explicitly in at least two lore sources, and the conflicting language in three other lore sources was ambiguous.

Revisions have been made to all relevant articles to make clear that:
“Once disputed territory between the two empires, the system remains under Amarr sovereignty, with the Gallente having rights to mine there as long as they sell a fixed amount of minerals to the Amarrians each year at cost price.”

Relevant articles:


Minor updates to reflect current Federation President


Update to Matar article to reflect consistent name for the Pator sculpture known as “The Eternal Flame”. Some minor expansion of the lore on this structure and the “Pre-Collapse Station” are included in this change.

Lore on this sculpture had given the name “The Eternal Flame” or “The Eternal Torch” in the Matar article and in different news references.

After internal discussion, we are aligning on “The Eternal Flame” going forward.


Some significant revisions and additions to Minmatar lore on the fiction portal have been made as the celebrations of Liberation Day get underway.

Affected Pages

Overview of Changes

  • Complete revision of Minmatar page in line with EVE Source to serve as an overview of Minmatar Tribes and leadership of Republic. Sanmatar page has new section on the position added too.
  • Major additions to Minmatar Rebellion page and revision in line with EVE Source.
  • Update of Minmatar NPC corporation pages to reflect some expanded lore
  • Minor updates to Nefantar and Starkmanir pages to reflect above changes

These changes are being made as an ongoing project to update lore where needed. They are not necessarily definitive or final in terms of overall Minmatar lore. Nor is the effort limited to the Minmatar, but this is Liberation Day week so here we are.