Little things / Small QoL suggestions FOR EVE LORE

This thread is for posting about little things that need fixing in the lore, so as to alert other players to them and maybe in the hopes of getting ISD/CCP attention. Such little things could include:

  • typoes and grammatical errors
  • an obviously wrong character or place name
  • unclear sentences / double-meanings
  • an important bit of info hidden in an obscure reference and missing from the main article, where such info is 1-3 sentences long

Longer / bigger problems are not “little things” and do not belong here.


EDIT: fixed, both sources now agree on the former version.

The original lore of Karin Midular said

Karin was born a slave-child in YC56 but smuggled out of Amarr space by her parents, who remained as slaves. She never knew them. Karin was raised in Mithris in Matar’s Mikramurka Steppes by her tribe, which had been identified, but her clan remained a mystery.

New fiction site says

Midular, born in Mithris in the Mikramurka Steppes as a slave-child in YC56, was smuggled out of the city and raised by her tribe. She never knew the identity of her parents.

The latter seems to be a copy-paste mistake of some sort. As the original suggests, Mikramurka is on Matar, not in Amarr space, and so Mithris would by YC56 have been a free city.


The article Death needs a couple of sentences about the existence of backup clones, e.g. after the paragraph on jump clones write something like:

In addition to a snapshot on the time of death, revival from an older copy is also possible, but in that case all memories from the time of the creation of the copy to the moment of death are obviously lost. This practice is culturally controversial in in many places and the costs are quite high. While it is technically possible to create two copies of the same person at the same time, it is extremely illegal and cloning facilities do not provide this service. Also the technology to make a “soft-clone” backups without destroying the original brain does exist, but is time-consuming and very expensive even for most capsuleers.


The Backstory races description and the Minmatar lore page still have pre-Shakor description of the Republic, as only including four of the seven tribes. They also use “clan” where it should say “tribe”.

Of the seven clans, four make up the Minmatar Republic, Sebiestor, Krusual, Brutor and Vherokior.

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Warning: Flood of replies incoming. I’ve been doing a lore walk, and I’ve been finding some assorted errors and vagueness. Need to go back through my history and dig up the pages I was on yesterday.

The Elder War has several grey pronoun issues–as in, the use of pronouns makes it unclear who exactly is being referred to. It happens throughout, but this is the biggest offender:

[…] It was Sammar’s cousin Brecin that led the revolt that took place in 22486 and he who also convinced Sammar’s eldest son to join him. After storming a meeting between the entourages of Utulf and an Amarr delegate, sparing few, Brecin took the delegate’s son hostage. He then retrieved a black dagger that he had constructed for the event and then proceeded to slit the throats of both the Amarr heir and the surprised son of Sammar in front of both their fathers. This act came to be replicated often throughout the Vindication Wars, as modern weapons were put aside in favour of increasingly ornate black daggers and bloody, theatrical violence against Ammatar. Sammar was spared on this occasion, and distraught, he indicated to the Elders his desire to reveal the deception of the Nefantar, so that such an act would never be repeated. He was found dead the next day, after an apparent suicide.

Only a year later an Ammatar military contact had a facility under his charge obliterated in an explosion that claimed many lives and left him scarred. Soon after he returned to work he arranged for the Nefantar Elder to visit him and ended up being seen by the Thukker Elder as well. […]

Pulling the pronoun through to the next paragraph, it makes it look like the facility belonged to Sammar, because he is the last character named. But also he is remarked as having been found dead right before that.

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Under “Signs and symbols” there is a reference to “caves on Pator”, which should probably be “Matar” or “Pator IV”.


Suggestion: Neocom Button - Neocom Lore Button

To ease player access to Lore - The Neocom could have a like a dedicated “Lore button”, with a window with “books” about the EVE lore past , links to story & lore news , like EVEs own news about lore wars etc :slight_smile: