Oh my stars and garders!

Player NS will get even richer and more powerful.


In eve not engaging in conversation with someone is the least of your concern’s lol, especially when their ship is floating next to your corpse.

Then they would be speaking with their guns which is the best way to deal with the easily offended…

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Player NS can now lolfarm these pockets for even greater wealth.

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You seem salty. How about you join them. May actually learn to play the game whil at it.

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Same here. Was the first thing that made me cringe as I watched the announcements.

One of the (many) things that stops me going back to WoW is the over complexity of levelling up a character these days, with endless variations on socketing and jewel crafting and gem empowering / levelling. The endless focus on adding more and more grindy ways to alter your stats as an excuse for new ‘content’.

While EVE is complicated in many ways, I think it’s complicated in the right ways at the moment. Throwing RNG into ship stats is not the right way imo.

Agreed. At least polarized weapons are consistent.


I wonder if this works with warp core stabs. jk jk :smiley:

What are garders?

o7 Tenno

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You can attack them :wink:

Maybe he’s “Jimmy Two Times” from Goodfellas.

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Gardens? Garters?


Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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If they make abyssal weapons, will you still be able to group weapons?

pc gamer is full of shite, CCP said they are human in origin. not alien lol

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What if they’re cannibals?Space cannibals?Errrr…

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Dude, there’s a lot more to eve than just trying to epeen impress others with a damn zkillboard record.

By the way, it’s against forum rules to post killboard records with the intention of humiliating someone.

  1. Use of kill reports & chatlogs to troll & flame is prohibited.

Pilots are permitted to post chatlogs and kill reports on the EVE Online forums if it adds to and is relevant to ongoing discussion, however this may not be done to flame, troll, insult, shame or bait other corporations or other pilots.

Its ok. My killboard is what it is on this character.

I appreciate the support though.

But e real issue here, is the impact on EVE of this new content.
My KB, in everycase, on this toon, has zero influence on that.


Ate these sites on a timer or something?

First you are assuming I am trying to impress anyone. LOL quite the opposite. I am trying to show that this guy has no idea what he is talking about. Unless he has proof stating that there is ACTUAL RMT transactions going on, then he is also in violation of the EULA.

1.Specifically restricted conduct.
-Rumor Mongering
2.Specifically restricted content.
-Real Money Trading (RMT)

If he has proof, submit it to CCP, and leave it at that. Dont go on the forums and start rumor mongering about big alliances, and then rant about possible RMT transactions that they may or may not be doing.

I posted my proof that he has no clue what he is talking about by using his Zkillboard as such. If he has an alt in a major alliance and has proof that there is actual rule violations as such alt, then he SHOULD not be complaining about them here, but forwarding that information discretely to CCPs GM team.

So unless you are acting as a GM, which in this case would be a violation of rule 1, Impersonation.

Yes… I can rule lawyer too.