Okay is fire lossing the war

is fire losing the war as i keep getting stuff going into asset safety

Doesn’t this game have a place where we can check war status?

From what I could tell from reddit: FIRE is retreating and moving out of the south east towards the north west part of the map, while Init and/or Horde destroy the structures they left behind.

Yes, if your stuff is in FIRE structures it’s likely that the stuff will end in asset safety if you didn’t already get it out yourself.

There’s a few different types of wars in EVE. You can check the status of the high sec wars ingame, where an icon will tell you whether Black Flag or friends has declared war on you or not today to kill you when you undock in Jita.

Another type of war is faction warfare in low sec, between the four factions. You can easily check that ingame, or on this recently added page:

The third type of war is a free format war between alliances and coalitions, without game definition. There’s no ‘official game status’ for such wars that you can check, but you can usually find some info about the current wars here in the form of memes, boasting and battle reports here:


Lesson learned. Never place anything of value in a player Citadel that you don’t personally own…


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