Quick Factional warfare question

I haven’t been able to play these past 2-3 months and have missed the news, obviously. Before the latest expansion, my corp was in Caldari militia. It’s a personal corp (main + alts + one friend who’s also inactive).

I can see a notification on 22.11.2023. that the corp is leaving Caldari state, and a confirmation on 24.11.2023. that the corp has left Caldari state. I haven’t initiated leaving FW.

So, my questions are:

  1. Since there’s a new “FW” between empires and pirates, did that replace the old Caldari+Amarr vs Gallente+Minmatar? When I click on the FW icon in station it only shows me the choice Empire or Pirates.

  2. If #1 is not the case, is there any other game mechanic present which kicked my (inactive) corp from FW?


I wasn’t watching FW all that closely but I don’t recall anything from the Havoc release that would have kicked your corp out of FW.

The pirate insurgencies add a side-struggle to regular FW, they didn’t replace it. At least that’s my understanding. (Websearch for “Eve Havoc expansion” if you need more details.)

Did you check your standings to see if corp members have dropped your overall corp standings?

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+2.96 corp standing from Caldari … hmm… that’s not it, but thanks

Click on the Empires option, another menu with the 4 standard FW races comes up.

As for leaving the militia, either someone with director roles clicked the leave militia option or the corp the average unmodified standing towards your chosen empire went below the threshold (around 0.1 cos CCP Math).

If it’s not the latter then it’s probably the former.

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