Okay what would be a good fit to kill rouge drones in prov

trying to do it solo in a cursiers or battle curiser am alpha

Cheap ship or isk no issue.

Cheap I’d go with an Arbitrator, you could put pulse lasers for increased DPS but honestly your DPS is from the drones and besides the drone BS hit pretty hard so beams are great for range so you can kite.

Expensive, a Gila.


I suggest you fly an Omen with fm-beams and don’t look at the dps value on the fitting screen but the alpha value instead.
If you want to be really fancy, the Omen Navy would be a next step in range and damage. You can make a (as in one) local repair module close to stable running and I suggest you use an afterburner for mitigating incoming damage.
Always keep moving, even if you just choose a wreck, which you orbit at 30 or if need be for some smaller Rogue Drones, you fly in a straight line away from them and keep shooting (standard crystals, the yellow ones) and after they explode return you the same wreck or another closer one, which you also orbit at 30km.
If those pesky drones get too close for comfort, just pick something else to orbit until all the drones are wrecks and repeat in the next site.

If just grinding standings to not die to them, use a long range kessie.

Pop a drone and peace out girl scout.

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