Old and Dusty Character Returning

Hi, I’m looking for a UK/EU based timezone corp to join, ideally small, in it for the fun, don’t take themselves too serious (must enjoy Beer & Cider) not interested in null-sec based corp, trying to get my kit into 0.0 is not my idea of fun on a Friday night!

I’m a very old character, left just as tech 2 was coming out, 70m SP with freighter and mining alts.

Kindest regards to all


Hi, have a look at GDawn :slight_smile:

Hey Destriero,

If null isn’t your thing but you still have interest in pvp/pve activities we might be your speed.
We are a small US/EU wormhole corp living in a C4 with C1/C3 statics. We primarily hunt for pvp content but also engage in a variety of pve and indy activities.

We’re very much laid back, real life first oriented type of folks. We aren’t trying to take space pixels overly seriously. Everybody plays when they can, there’s no time commitment or required ops nonsense here.

I’ll link our recruitment post below, where you will also find our discord.
Feel free to reach out if you would like more information.

Fly safe o7