Old computer

Is this the end? My computer is an old shitty del. Duo core, 4gig memory. I out a nvidia gt 710 in it. I run in potato mode cause I don’t care, and still, I always crash after an hour. Sometimes less. Constantly get resource loading. Don’t know what else to do (besides buying a new conputer) which hopefully I can sometime soon, but in the mean time am I ■■■■■■?

Make sure its cooling properly. Can you upgrade the ram?

No, the mobo only supports 4gigs.

Give it final rights and shoot it.

4Gb is fine for a 32 bit system and upgrading the old system would be a complete waste of money. The symptoms do sound like something is overheating - check to see if there is an accumulation of dust in the system or if the air filters are clogged. Consider a tool like ccleaner to cleanup your hard drive.

Take it fully apart, clean and reapply thermal paste.

Put some cash away for a better system, Eve 2018 isn’t made to run on the same machine it was launched on. :smiley:

Well upgraded vid card to a raedon 560. And put a new power supply in. Currently getting the new driver. See if we can get some more life out of this baby!!!

This may sound ghetto but I have my laptop sitting on a desktop fan. Solved the issue you seem to be having.

Ya some people say it was straining the old vid card I had and it was overheating. I’ll give an update when I actually try to log in and play. Suppose it can’t be any worse. My fear is it will be the same and it’s the mobo/cpu/ram bottlenecking.

Clean off all the old thermal paste before adding new. Use rubbing alchohal to clean the old off. Take your heat sinks apart and blow them out. Make sure your cords arnt blocking air flow inside.

I have a 2013 toshiba satalite with 6g ram and use a cooling pad underneath it. I was triple boxing four several hours at a time grinding missions. After I broke it down and cleaned the stone that formed in the air output heat sink.

All good advice thanks. Had huge driver problems loading the 560 raedon. ■■■■ it, returned it and got a 1050 nvidia. Will see what happens.

It was dusty, cleaned it up. Everything looked ok and sounded good.

Plugged new video card in. Black screen the whole time like nothing is plugged in. Video card fan running.

Ok, I have vga monitor, I had to buy a VGA to hdmi cord, then a hdmi to DVI cord, then plug it in my videp card. That brought the screen back, then I noticed my computer was only recognizing 2gig ram, during the install 1 stick got partially removed. Fixed that. Currently installing latest driver. Wish me luck.

Update. Driver installed. Everything seems to be running ok. Now I cannot log into eve, stuck at processing bulk data screen. Weeeeeee \o/

Took your advice. It’s now in the trash can. I went to frys and just built a brand new computer from scratch. \o/


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