Old(er) Skins

Good evening young weebs,

I submit to you a thought for old(er) skins. After a set time (e.g., two years), old(er) skins that are not a direct reward (e.g., blood raider victory skin) should be available in the NES for a set plex price based on the ship hull…e.g., recycled titan skins would be 390 plex (or w/e). Just b/c a person did not play or was poor does not mean they should not be able to collect old skins. A defined amount of time also allows “skin traders” to invest in, and sell any “kick-ass” skins.

A Wizzleteat

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Most skins can show up in log in rewards, which is designed to not give duplicates.

“some cheap” skins can show up…etc


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