Old Launcher Deprecated from 7 February 2024

More details in Updated System Requirements - Support for EVE Mac OS 10.14 and Below Ending 8 Feb 2024 - #9 by Eloken_Toralen


This is the NBN speaking. All signs point to copper wiring, risking having to download the entire EVE shared cache again is not on my to do list.

Bug Filled under EBR-14082.

Best guess is ~/Library/Application\ Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Eve\ Online/EVE\ Online.app/Contents/MacOS/eve-online needs a xattr to allow it to be called after the new launcher overwrites it.

Tempting, but I am not happy with the gargantuan resource utilisation of WINE running EVE. Its not good for the computer to be run at such a high utilisation, for the most part I like linux because windows is evil, but I would rather not wreck my system by burning it out.

The Mac client looks much less resource hungry. If https://www.darlinghq.org had GUI support it might be a functional alternative to WINE.

I wonder though, if its ok to ask the community for help with language translations, why not ask the community for help doing native binaries?