Old Launcher Deprecated from 7 February 2024

Just activate the “Three portraits screen” in the game client settings where it tell you “Launch to character selection screen”. Then use the play button to launch to it.

I really don’t know how everyone not getting this or finding it out by trial and error can successfully play EVE anyway…if handling of the launcher is already that difficult…

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Would never be a problem for me, I was never dumb enough to play with permissions on my OS partition or install an application at the root of a volume.

I don’t get how is that related.

More details in Updated System Requirements - Support for EVE Mac OS 10.14 and Below Ending 8 Feb 2024 - #9 by Eloken_Toralen


This is the NBN speaking. All signs point to copper wiring, risking having to download the entire EVE shared cache again is not on my to do list.

Bug Filled under EBR-14082.

Best guess is ~/Library/Application\ Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Eve\ Online/EVE\ Online.app/Contents/MacOS/eve-online needs a xattr to allow it to be called after the new launcher overwrites it.

Tempting, but I am not happy with the gargantuan resource utilisation of WINE running EVE. Its not good for the computer to be run at such a high utilisation, for the most part I like linux because windows is evil, but I would rather not wreck my system by burning it out.

The Mac client looks much less resource hungry. If https://www.darlinghq.org had GUI support it might be a functional alternative to WINE.

I wonder though, if its ok to ask the community for help with language translations, why not ask the community for help doing native binaries?

Could you please at least try to inform yourself what the issue actually was before writing up something completely random and not related stuff? It affected everyone at that time who managed to update while the error persisted.

Here you go https://www.eveonline.com/news/view/about-the-boot.ini-issue

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The new launcher was a mess on my windows partition. Launcher would not install as I did not have enough free space, so its not smart enough to know the total download will be less when SharedCache already exists and is populated. Moved the shared folder to an external USB, installed launcher, moves content back, ran launcher. Delta was downloaded. Good so far.

Next it said all my tokens were invalid format. Sigh. Find old launcher executable, install. rename C:\EVE to C:\EVE2 move SharedFolder from EVE2 to EVE. Old Launcher is fine. Play eve. Log off. New launcher force update. Next day. Profiles are all trashed, overviews are default.

Repeat installation of old launcher. Play eve.

It is pretty clear the new launcher is not going away, but please, stop with the enshittification of things that already work just fine.

I don’t like how the new launcher requires me to hold down the character for 5 seconds. Why can’t I just have a one click way to get to the character select screen?

you can change the length . Mine is 2s.

launcher options > launcher :

you can also use ctr click instead of click and hold.

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Why don’t you click on the play button instead and go to the character selection screen from there? (needs the option activated of course). There are also two different playbutton modes, depending on the window size of the launcher.

The downgraded launcher hasn’t reached feature and quality parity, it has massive memory leaks that cause severe performance problems.

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Do you know what feature parity means? because it does everything the old launcher did. That is feature parity.

I have had my launcher open for 2 days and it sits at 145 Mb memory usage. No evidence of a massive memory leak.

Can you explain to use what performance problem you think a memory leak would cause?

labels ?

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next to every character - which was not a feature in the old launcher, and on every account next to omega status?

I’m not sure if anyone’s still seeing this thread, but here it goes…

After trying some things on my own, Launcher (app-1.3.5) runs on Debian with Wine 9.0, requiring only vkd3d installed (the libraries in the Linux distro). Also, considering that its running with a x86 vkd3d library instead of the supposedly intended (or, at least, expected) amd64 library:

  • “eve-online.exe: PE32+ executable (GUI) x86-64, for MS Windows, 15 sections”

… Its 2024. You can do better, CCP… Just drop x86 completely already, even the stupid smartphone charger has an internal AI and supports amd64 (a.k.a. x64 / 64-bit)… :facepalm:

Every now and then.

No steam, no winetricks, no lutris, no bottles? Just a straight up Debian intstall running the setup.exe ?

You got me there. I thought the way to tell if something was 64 bit was to check " IMAGE_FILE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE" in the header but that was like 15 years ago last I messed with that.

Thing is when I look at the eve processes in htop they can be using way more than 4GByte, I put screencaps in another channel. Not saying you are wrong, just saying they cannot both use more than 4G of accessible RAM and be 32 bit.

I re-did my linux install with pop OS. New launcher does some annoying stuff with the versioned launcher directories. DX12 with shaders on higher than low seems to cause problems, but on DX11 its fine.

Care to share how your launcher/graphics settings are configured?

After several Month of pausing I now came back and honestly. Due to not having the direct comparison…I like it. Can add multiple accounts. See which is Omaga. The Launcher does everything I need.

Cheers devteam.

One annoying think is there After the launcher. On pressing play it may take Minutes to start up an Eve instance. That is not something i remember with the old launcher and i really hope this will get better with time.

There is a startup delay configuration that you can reduce if you dont have many accounts

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Depending on the number of accounts and your available RAM, you can tweak startup delay back and forth. I find 20s to be good enough to avoid stampeding on the disk IO and having a smoother launching experience.