Old Launcher Deprecated from 7 February 2024

Works great on my Mac

‘You do not have permission to open the application “EVE Launcher”. Contact your computer or network administrator for assistance.’

CCPlease care to provide a solution. Ideally one that doesn’t require a reinstallation and full reset of my settings?

I am also getting display issues with eve-o-preview

The Profile files seem to have disappeared (or been encoded elsewhere).
Is there a way to backup profiles for transfer to a new PC / OS re-install?

oh I guess a retraction on the “good job” is in order. The first part of issue 1 was not actually fixed which I found out when I just opened the launcher today. It opened with one account already expanded. Maybe expecting a new thing to be an improvement over the old one is too much to hope for.

New launcher was available for a year now. And I don’t see where it’s slow.

Because it had too many misclicks in testing.

Compared to the old one it’s very slow when launching accounts, and I only have 2.

It’s why I went back to the old one, but now I have no choice and I’m stuck with the stupid Vanguard option in both account windows.

But when I resize the launcher I can get rid of all the garbage so at least that’s a small victory (kind of) lol.

Thank you. Sincerely.

No difference. Look for a problem in your system. Because only launcher changed and client startup is just a single API call in its code. The rest is up to the system.

There’s no issues with my system lol, EVE is on an SSD and Windows is on a new fast NVMe drive. Both compatible with each other and with 64gig of ram available. Along with an i5 12th gen.

So when the old launcher is faster than the new one it’s not the system that’s an issue.

Unless ofc there’s issues with many players systems…

  1. You can stop that yourself, just clear that checkbox


Thank you

So right now whenever I launch EVE my GPU hits the fans, literally, when I log on both accounts it sounds like an F15 ready for take off.

When I close one, the fans drop, when I close both and the launcher no more fans going ballistic.

This never happened with the old launcher so why now?

Or do I have to upgrade a GPU that is only 8 months old now?

All graphical options were reset to highest when I got back in with the new launcher.
Maybe same happened to you, and that is the reason for increased power usage now?

In fact everything was reset, key bindings the lot. The new launcher is a real pig.

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Hmm, I never thought to check.

Hang on 2 mins lol.

Thank you, it helped a lot.

This context seems very weird. But I guess I should not judge you.

There’s a thread on this in General Discussion. In launcher, click the Cogwheel for Settings (upper right), then Tools/Cache, then LOOK FOR PROFILES button. That should find your old profiles.

But apparently they forgot to add a way to edit or delete profiles in the new launcher.

It seems to have migrated them but they must be blank or corrupted as they make no difference when you load into game, it’s like a brand new install.
Looks like I will have to start all over and set everything up, overviews etc.
Very frustrating, even more so, when it has been caused by a pointless update that has actually made the UI worse.
Classic CCP, no testing, release it broken and ignore the customers.


The new launcher is a mess. It’s slow, inconsistent, it’s great at pushing people into Vanguard (or at least I suspect it is, or does it fail at that too?)

I suspect I’d be lying if I said it was as bad as when I tried it in beta, but it’s certainly not ready for mainstream usage.

Well, that’s a lie. Some accounts were moved, not all. None were actually moved with their access tokens intact, so I had to go and log into each one (and do the email-based MFA every bloody time).

FAQ doesn’t stand for “Questions we’d like to be frequent”, but rather questions your users actually ask frequently. Like “why the hell did you do this?”, and “What was wrong with the old launcher?” and “Please explain the UI design decisions to us, because they’re a) crazy and b) inconsistent).”

Dollars to donuts your help centre article isn’t actually helpful.

Why, have you fixed the support and bug reporting processes?

Eve Online is great. It’s surviving despite the current activities of CCP, not because of them.


Does anyone know how to refresh the launcher?

Years ago there was a refresh button in the launcher, then that got removed for the last version but you could still refresh via the system icon, I cant see how to do it in this version.