Old modules ships and items need some love

Was reading another post about the pi ship. Then I thought about the moon ore siphon deployable. It could be reworked to siphon pi. Then I thought about hull repair modules…

I mean. Theres so many old useless stuff in this game. Ccp is horrid when it comes to big updates. So how about some small wins. Rework the content thats already in game and give it a place. Remember when hookbills were trash? Yea all it takes is a little inspiration

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Honestly the Fuel syphon is my favorite Item in EVE shame CCP didn’t explore it more. Could have made for some good content.

Green Hookbill
Best Hookbill

Oh man, siphon checking sucked…

That being said, it was a good annoyance tool. Yeah, it should be revamped in some way.

But yeah, CCP has a problem with leaving some problems in the game for years and years, but constantly working on others they accidentally broke and don’t want to ‘overnerf’ it.

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