Old Nyx/Marauders/JF/Thanny driver for sale (100+m sp)

Welcome to my selling thread!

Full skill list: Hauleringonline

Old 2006y character, 1 bonus remap available


Capital Ships V
Exhumers V
Gallente Carrier/Freighter V
Marauders V


  • Limited Ocular Filter
  • Limited Memory Augmentation
  • Limited Neural Boost
  • Limited Cybernatics Subprocessor
  • Limited Social Adoptation Chip
  • Zainou Shield Management
  • Inherent Implants Highwall Mining

Character moved out to npc corp. Character is currenly flowing in high sec. Positve wallet balance and positive security status. 1 jump clone available (in Reisen)

Starting point: 80b ISK
End Point: 100b ISK

just a bump

While under asking, I’ll start at 70

If no other bids within 1-2 days, I most likely accept your offer, though I consider it a bit low but the market seems to go slow these days.

74B offer


80B ready

80.5 bil

@O_Rourke_ISK 80.5b is much better than your initial 70b :grinning: I am happy to sell the character for that price. Let me know when you can proceed with sending isk

Transferring isk in a few minutes

ISK & Account sent

All good, transfer just been launched. Enjoy the role!