Old pirate returning to EVE after 5 years, looking for peace?

I was a pirate, 64mil SP, -7.2 sec, 3bil stuff, and I stopped playing. That was five years ago. Now I’m thinking about returning, but I’m don’t have the energy for gate camping, roaming and fighting anymore. And I’m playing on a shitty computer, so I can’t dual box, and I don’t have a lot of time. But I love the sandbox, to follow what’s happening, to be a part of this universe.

What is your suggestion on the best way to return? What is a peaceful and relaxed way to watch the space? And how would you transsion there?

I liked exploration when I last played. I also dream about moving goods, maybe with a jump freighter, but I can’t be my own cyno, or scout. Trading seams interesting too, to learn the market.

I was thinking about selling my main toon, and buying something more friendly. Or buying my sec status back up, or extracting my skill points into an alt. Somehow I like the idea of still being able to get my T3 cruiser out when I want to adventure. I’m worried that my employment history will make me non trustworthy.

How would you be reborn if you where me?


I would suggest you to get in a carrier and help defend GSF from the evil enemies that encroach around our borders in null-sec! Scouts -or explorers as you call it- are very useful too, so you could actually combine both ‘jobs’ in the same environment.

But if you like to start over fresh and relearn, you can do that to, I might be interested of buying your character over the Marketplace. Because my alt is so far away from becoming a carrier pilot it makes me cry sometimes at night. Then my wife asks me what’s wrong and I say “I want to be a carrier pilot”. She then hugs me and says “It will all be allright, don’t worry, go to sleep now.” .

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If you are looking for something more peaceful the industry system has been updated heavily and provides you with a great deal of options. Also there is abyssal deadspace which is soloable and will lend itself to your already existing combat skills.

Either way you will need to find a buyer for your goods. Whether you join or simply contract, T-CAM can offer a great number of options for solo play that could take you in many different directions. What ever you choose we can back you. Feel free to contact me, take a look at our corp description and join us at “T-CAM Public”. We have need for mining, exploration and logistics positions in our fully functional contracting corp.

Good luck out there

PS: I was a pirate on my main for years. Recovery is possible.

get some soldier tags, take them to a lowsec concord station you can correct your sec status that way, with little to no effort. then you are free to do whatever.

You sound like me.First step was I found a smallish Corp with some nice chill guys but experienced and knowledgeable.
Then I began farming isk and injected some alrs with it I basicly have all 3 chars on every account training through MCTs.
I trained the alts to do basic industry things like mining PI gas mining hacking and by mixing up what I can do and setting out to do something else than the previous day I don’t get bored

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o7 welcome back. The good news is there are a ton of ways to make isk with a combat skilled character like the one you have.

you sound like you are in a pretty similar spot to where I was a few years back. About 4 years ago CCP introduced a new kind of mission called burners, these typically have a strong NPC that you have to fight in a frigate. There are also a few cruiser sized missions. I like these missions as they use all the PVP skills you have probably developed. There’s a big thread with a lot of fitting suggestions over here:

Beyond that I mostly trade and build stuff. Most of my trading began with just selling mission loot and LP, and well I just keep trading more. These days I mostly just trade. And as far as building stuff goes just look at items that are useful, and build some spreadsheets to figure out how much it costs to build. I used the spare character slots on my accounts to build more stuff. A few months with multiple pilot training Certs plus some injectors and now each of my accounts has 30 build slots and 10-20 science slots.

I’d suggest you look at Blockade Runners (BRs) or Deep Space Transports (DSTs). these should give you some good hauling flexibility and should hopefully avoid being an easy target. A BR is cargo scan immune, aligns pretty quickly, and can fit a covert ops cloak so that helps a ton evading gankers, but I suggest at least enough tank to have 15k+ ehp as some people will play the BR lottery and hope you are hauling some high value goods. DSTs carry a bunch more and are a bit slower but can fit a lot more tank, also you can use the MWD+Cloak trick to move around. Anything bigger and I use courier contracts. People will move big loads for cheap.

Personally I’m pretty against selling characters, and even more so against extracting to inject new ones as there are some harsh diminishing returns, unless you have a very strong reason. Since you just got back into the game I’d hold off on doing anything like that for a while.

Buying tags 4 sec would be the fastest, probably worth taking at least some shortcut there as some of the tags are pretty cheap, but also it’s not that hard to grind sec status if you don’t have a lot of isk available.

Same here really just returned after 6 years and forgot everything! How can I redo training without loosing anything?

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it’s free to create accounts so might be worth doing that and just playing through the tutorial and career agents on a blank new character. Could probably even do that on a spare character slot if you have one. From there probably worth jumping back on your main and just try whatever you think looks interesting in some cheap ships. Eating a few losses shouldn’t be a problem if you keep it cheap. Jumping up to more difficult content often means chances of losing ship, better to do it cheap and early than wait till you are in something big and expensive.

From there it’s probably worthwhile to join a corp. I always learn faster with other people around to help, and it always seems someone else found a better way to do things that I can figure out on my own. I can’t really give any recommendations on who to join, there’s a handful of popular nullsec groups that accept new and returning players if you want to live the null life. There’s almost always a bunch of high/lowsec groups but I have no idea who the quality groups are, I’ve see a lot of stories people joining some random group and then either no one’s online, or the people that are on are of no help. I’d check the corp ad/description to make sure they are somewhat focused, and also check the corp on zkill good to look at where they lose ships, where they kill ships, what ships they fly, and try to get a sense of how active they are.

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I just tagged from -7.6, it will be about 450 mil in tags and isk.

like i wrote in the post @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode deleted
if you dont know where you want to go in your EVE career i would look for a casual corp with a lot of everything so you can see what you like to do and dont have the presure to be online for a minimum time per week or such stuff

there are such corp/alliances out there i know that


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