Old timer with a question

I have played this game since early beta. I have over 2 million skill points I had to let go of my sub because I was over seas for three years and I come back to find even if my skill lets say for cloaking device 2 are at 5 it still tells me to use it I have level 4 skills and tell me to buy omega time to use a cloak I have more than enough skill to use? should their not be a grand father clause for me???

Well, Eve is allready full of creepy old men, so “no” :wink:

And welcome back.

well old yes may stay I don’t know

Are you currently paying a subscription, or paying for your game with plex?

If the answer is no, you shouldn’t be grandfathered in and shouldn’t get to play for free.

just reinstalled the game yesterday. the sub was not binding on your skills the last I played money is not the real issue. its saying that all the hours in skill leveling and even with the skill maxed they lock the skill till you pay them. I could see if I was a new sub but hey I will see what is new and if it is worth paying. still to much new here to make that call yet. ill just crank out ships and mods and make money

Alphas have a locked max skill set

Had you returned before Alpha/Omega change, you would have been unable to play your character anyways without sub/plex, except during the rare “return to EVE” events.

Dont worry, you havent been screwed in any way.


This just… hell… it doesn’t make sense. :tired_face:

Grandfathers are often senile and forgetful. That might be why you can’t remember how to use your cloak.

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If they allowed an alpha character to use skills they trained as an omega there would be a lot of pilots that could unsubscribe and continue to fly every single ship in the game at max skill level.

I’ve been subbed on and off for 11 years now, as nice as it would be to be able to continue to fly every single subcap without subscribing, it would hardly be fair for a number of reasons.

Why would you assume that, because you subscribed once you now can play for free as if still subscribed?

My brain hurts just trying to see it from you point of view. The omega skills are for paying players, alpha skills for those who wish a taste but not to play/pay fully.

seems simple to me



2m sp seems unlikely he ever cared about the game in the first place
how do you remember you even had an account let alone the details


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