Oméga double Skill Queue

We all have the same worries especially for new players …

Q skill often too long and often run away people …

Why not add a feature on omega accounts …

Double skill Q
those who are in omega will learn Two skilll at the same time …

those who could motivate some player … to stay or so for alt help them rush a particular ships .

Why do we need this?

Omega already trains at double the rate. We don’t need another double on that. Are you prepared to learn at alpha pace for your two skills at once?

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When you have to learn 10 skills to 5 that it takes you minimum 5 or 6 months only for this ship or this module …

if you could learn twice at the same time it would be really great … for new players …

or you can buy injectors and do the same instantly.

Also: implementing double queue would take quite a bit of resources to implement including redesigning UI to accommodate it and some more potential quirks. And all that would achieve is, essentially double the learning speed which Omega accounts already have compared to Alpha. So you are just being greedy and want everything and faster and cheaper.

you want less quickly and more expensive …

example you need a fax for your companies or a T3 supports …

you need 11 months to wait you image those you can do in 11 months …

Logically your injectors have too big malus …

fixed it for you.
More reason to not implement your suggestion.

Your idea goes against the business model of the game

Even if widely adopted it is unlikely that PA will agree with CCP to a change that directly costs money with no return to PA/CCP. EvE makes its money through time and isk sinks.

As an example of income loss: Your proposal would literally accelerate persons to max Alpha ability via short Omega subscription causing a rapid expansion of free to play characters.

Can you share with the group which Ship or Module requires 10 skills at Level 5?

Maybe Marauders? They take a bit. Or Black Ops. That’s about the most skill intensive ships I can think of. Or Titans.






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they already have double skill queue, it’s called Multiple character training certificates.


Actually all Omegas run double the original, default queue speed.

It’s just most do not remember the old queue.

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What are you meaning by ‘original’ speed.
Are you talking like pre learning skills minimum speed or something.
Because Omega’s don’t train at double the speed of post learning skills.

CCP just changed the UI to say *2 for Omega to make people feel like they got a bonus rather than alpha’s getting a penalty.

Nope. In the original pre-F2P EVE there was double speed and it applied to new player accounts. When F2P came along that “double speed” was applied to all subs, now called Omega.

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No it wasn’t.
Omega speed is the standard speed, Alpha’s train at half speed.
They just rebranded standard speed to *2 speed.

Yeah that’s what i was thinking, however:

Titans require 5 skills at L5
Black-Ops require 6 Skills at L5
Marauders require 5 at L5

All these three share ‘Spaceship Command’, ‘Race Battleship’ and a few of the other skills are also considered to be some of the core must-have like Weapon Upgrades, Energy Grid Upgrades and navigation.

So again I ask the OP:

What is the Ship or Module he wants that he needs 10 skills at level 5…
And why should new players get double skill training when the game has been balanced to the current skill training for YEARS!!

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