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Hey, I was seeing a lot of advertising for Eve Online recently so I thought I could give some feedback on my experiences if Eve is looking to pick up more subscribers. I have been playing with Omega off and on for quite a few years but have stopped recently due to the monthly price being around 27 CAD per month which I consider pretty high for a monthly subscription especially compared to other high content MMOs like world of warcraft or final fantasy14 which I also rotate between. For what it’s worth, I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed the game a lot but it is unfortunately priced out of my budget when factoring in other entertainment including games and streaming services.

No one cares bro.

Contract your stuff to me kthx :smiley:

Wow… I’m shocked…

Does this represent the ENTIRE CSM’s View ?

Dunno Im still waiting for his stuff :smiley:

Everybody has to decide for themselves whether the game is worth paying for. Not going to argue with folks who’ve decided it’s not.

It depends on the value you get out, but also thinking about it $15 for Xbox subscription for complete access to their library that’s an extremely great value so I can see how people question their subs here.

my corps in war we could use his stuff for the war effort

You cannot compare it to a company who gaming section had a revenue of 15 billion in 2022. It is heavily subsidised from other profit streams to get people into the ecosystem.

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