Omist / tenal - perma tidi. CCP can you put more resources into the botting regions?

kind of a joke trying to fly there. No large scale wars just gila’s/ishtars and supers farming anoms all day.

Simple fix: Blackout

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preaching to the converted but alas CCP won’t make nullsec risky. If TIDI is an intended home defence mechanism then nullsec is truly dead

It only seems to bother the farmers, so really if they leave, that would be a huge plus for the game.


You just find out cause of your issue.

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actually TIDI would be reducing their profits, right? since they are playing at a reduced rate. Big think.


bump - omist again just perma tidi.

Crying about it here will not change anything.

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thanks for your input. I don’t know of any other method to liaise with CCP other then the eve forums. Perhaps you can advise on how best i can go about getting it noticed and fixed?

Did you try to submit a ticket?

Submit a ticket.


Get more people to go there. The problem will be fixed proportionally quickly to the amount of people you manage to get there doing things. This may sound silly, but it’s true. It also completely changes your problem-solving approach away from asking/complaining/begging CCP to do something about it to forcing them to do something about it, or, in other words: Stop being a peasant and start raising hell.

The hard part now becomes convincing people to log in all their alts so they do something on the respective nodes. Most people are completely oblivious to the fact that approaching problems in-game has a far higher chance of achieving something compared to writing useless words on a ■■■■■■■ forum. The only ones who care about complaints on the ■■■■■■■ internet are the idiots writing them.

They’re so stuck in the mindset of being worthless, powerless, defenseless, helpless, obedient slaves lacking any and all self-responsibility, they know nothing else anymore.

Maybe producing evidence like screenshots showing it is actually perma tidi. Not just for 10 minutes. That’s a good start. Documenting rather than just words.
Then yes, smash it to 5% tidi repeatedly and the load balancer will do it for you.

For whom? For us? What’s the point? Or are you saying CCP wouldn’t know about it and thus documenting it makes sense? I’d totally agree if it wasn’t their servers and that it’d not be possible they’d not know about it if he just pointed at it once, assuming that’s actually even necessary. (that sentence is a mess, sorry)

They just don’t give a ■■■■, because why would they.

The CCP who read the forums may not know about it.
CCP is not a hive mind, even the load balancing Dev may not have seen it yet depending what data queries they’ve run today on server stats.

There’s no way there’s no software monitoring the load of a node and reporting it as soon as something happens. That’s too much standard procedure not to have such an alarm system in place, regardless of what kind of software is running on a cluster. Just think about the madness of not knowing how your actually money making product is performing at any single point in time.

I do understand your point and I’m not trying to argue,
but it’s far more likely they’re simply not giving a ■■■■.

From what I remember, their load balancing system moves around star systems according to usage. So star systems with higher average load in the last 24h will be moved onto nodes with less average usage. Considering that he’s experiencing perma-tidi for several days now, it’s safe to assume the star systems already are on seperate nodes and that the load simply is too heavy.

There’s just no way of them not knowing about it and whoever responsible for monitoring the health of the cluster wouldn’t be keeping his, or their, jobs for long.

I’m pretty sure CCP do not have an alarm set for when a node hits 60% tidi. That’s not even 2 to 1 tidi yet. I’m sure it is in a report somewhere along with the thousand other times nodes hit 60%.

And I’m questioning if he really is hitting it perma. Or has just only noticing it right after logging in or something. I mean this is the EVE forums. Not like anyone ever talks a problem up bigger than it really is on these forums right?


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why do you feel the need to post ? nothing you’ve said is remotely useful

Why is it not useful?