On Solutions

Greetings. I am known as Mattlov Pryde.
Those who recognize that name will understand instantly what I hope to accomplish here.

Can you not feel a sickness?
It is a rot.

The rot of systems which do not function, which are failing to do so. I gaze upon the Galaxy, space a mire of decay and discord. Tarnished fiefdoms cower 'neath the uncaring boot of the driven, but are so decayed as to consider themselves easily in their disease.

And I understand, that fire what shouts for preservation. The chime of a soul not yet fully broken! Indeed, there are signs of hope yet. But what should be clear is that the current destruction of that which stands is not the enemy.

No, what stands in opposition to every party, to every planet, and to every pilot, is stagnation. What stands to foster this, are the systems in play. They are simply not able to function in EVE.
They cannot evolve.
They must die.

This game, is about change. Adapting. Riding the crest, overcoming the fall. And thus we must move to systems that can live, that can thrive, in EVE.

In the coming days, a great work of mine, and of many more, a solution to this rot and a cure for the soured souls afflicted by it, will be unveiled. A proposal well tested.

Hereupon us is the night, sirs. But on this eve, shall ride the whisper of a new day, the chance at a new era, and eventually, the opportunity for a new dawn. Victory over the squalor of modernity, the corruption of the now, can be had.

I look forwards to working with those open to my ideals of promoting and fostering a player base able to evolve, which is not only equipped to function at a higher level, but which is better equipped to survive and overcome this disease of corruption.

Those who would question me, or my plans, those who would seek to join me, and those who already understand what I wish to accomplish, please, speak now so that we may all build a better foundation for the future.

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This has kind of a Henry V - st. crispin’s day - battle speech vibe to it.


That’s a whole lot of words used to say “I think there is a problem with the mechanics. I want to change them. Somehow”

Maybe tone down the flowery language a bit and explain 1) what kind of changes you hope to see and 2) how you figure you will be able to accomplish that.


To be fair, I enjoyed reading that far more than some of the bleats and whinges I read on these forums.


Well Mattlov, you’ve wasted my time with one wall of text already, I’m not reading your next one.

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That’s fine. You’re not the personality type I’m looking for right now.

I’ll need people like yourself who get right down to business later, and the message then will be much more to the point.

Thanks for the feedback.

There aren’t any problems with the mechanics.

But if people keep using the mechanics the way they currently do, the current spatial-political system will start deteriorating rapidly.

Now, I’m still ironing out some details, so I can’t say much of substance yet, but look forward to when all the pieces are in place and I can really get things rolling.

This is cryptic sure, but that’s about it.

Im very much interested in your message and would like to subscribe to your newsletter, please.


Which ones? Smells like carebear in here.

See that’s just it. The political landscape between corporations is actually nonexistent unless you’re in Provibloc or invading other null space. It makes me think we’re either going to see a lame CODE 2: Electric Boogaloo, or literally nothing.

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Hold on a second.


I’m not informed about what’s going on. The last bit of information i’ve read was that many people from Providence were fed up that it is ruled by carebears.

If you know more, which i assume you do, then please share! Thank you!

EVE’s version of InfoWars or perhaps Dan Brown?

My apologies for being absent. I am unfortunately very busy.

Wolfgang isn’t tremendously far off, conceptually speaking.

I do see many of the goals of CODE to be admirable, but the means they take to attain these goals are, to say it lightly, sub-optimal. Instead of trying to break people over a knee and pretending the average miner is able to make it to null, I plan on implementing a system wherein the average miner has an incentive to leave highsec.

CODE of course can be used to help me accomplish this goal much like a vacuum and high pressure can work together to move a ball down a tube, as our ends are alike, but my means are almost exactly opposite.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to start some silly peace project, though. Quite the opposite, I’m looking for a system of sustained endless war that functions on a level much closer to the efficacy of the Goons, but which is more cohesive in nature and lacks their mining drama. It will benefit the miners, producers, and explorers to a huge extent from heightened stability, as well.

Without anyone here being who I’m looking for, of course, I’ll need to move the search elsewhere (read: reddit, unfortunately). Anticipate further correspondence as replies until something happens on my end. Should take roughly two months if all goes well.

EvEmail me your manifesto.

Im keen to look it over.

too pretentious; didn’t read

No, you’re not space-jesus. Address that assumption first, and then come back with actual communication rather than a bunch of empty noise.

So what do you propose?

Maybe reeducation program for those in need of reeducation? But how will you lure them?

Maybe awards for completion of courses? Knowledge? Ratting systems? Replacement program? Free SP injectors? Your company? Cookies? :smile:

When you will get your first 12 disciples? :smirk:

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How would you know who I am if you’re too off put by my vernacular to know who I am?

As I’ve stated before, the message here is worded very specifically.

If you aren’t who I am looking for, you will not like it.

Thank you for your interest.

So… you’re looking to start a narcissists club? You see how you could have just stated that with 1 sentence? Ah, you’re looking to start a club for narcissists who are bad at communication. Got it.

That, I can talk about. The plan is to have a mix of a more stable environment for the miners which supports them through military force and which is against cherry-picking.

First, let’s look just a mite into the structure- a group known as the “engineering caste” will be responsible for determining what to make. Their job is making ships, designing ships, etc.

The engineers will give the ratios and quantities of resources needed to the next group in the chain, the merchant caste. They’re responsible for managing resource acquisition. For the resources they don’t want to buy from outside sources, they will contact the laborer caste, who will be responsible for managing gruntwork.

While the laborers are free to carry this out however they please, and the merchants free to pay as they like, the strategy we’ll be pursuing right out the gate is to allow members to buy plots of asteroid belt from the corporation; moving in to cherry pick will not be permitted. Because these plots will be owned by a specific person, incentive will be to maximize the number of cycles and perhaps even rent them out via permit. And of course the deed will come with strings attached to prevent the abandonment of the plot.

Attraction will be initially accomplished through properly made and functioning systems, and later on we’ll be able to flash our engineering caste’s work, which all things going well, should be free to people in the right caste.