On the long run... is the new patch going to favour gankers?

Regarding the new mining patch. t1 covetors, and rets have higher EHP. But also Mackis and Hulks have now way more EHP than before.

-Macki is the perfect AFK barge, great hold and now tankier than ever. It is going to become the AFK choice over the orca, feels safe and has more yield.
-Hulk is now the REALISTIC yield choice, now reaching a very nice tank. The miner feels safer while incurring in his daily bot-aspirancy

The common Bot-Aspirant miner finally considers hulks and mackis a reallistic choice.

Hulk and Macki population increases.

Lot of miners in their desire of grinding in order to pay the omega are not going to tank their barges, just go full yield.

Since there are more hulks and mackis out there, statistically more greedy fits are going to spawn.

More ore strips, more elaras, more aoedes…

Profit, educate the miner and collect the salt…

I believe a new golden era of ganking is arising on the long run. What is your opinion?

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Ganking Orcas is a lot of work, and not very rewarding. It was doable, though. Once the Orca scourge of highsec is removed, it will become a lot easier to enforce The Code, overall.

Yeah, these barges are getting big buffs. But they get buffed almost every year. Krabs will be krabs. EHP can’t save them from their own blinding greed.

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I seem to recall back when there was a similar buff… And the New Order existing shortly after…

The changes are kinda Muhhh. It doesn’t want to make me take out my mining ships like at all. I can still make more isk with PI passively and with zero risk.

The only way they’ll stop ganking is if they make it practically impossible to accomplish. Historically, EHP buffs have correlated positively with increased ganking volume and intensity. Maybe one day the glorious age of no more ganking will begin, but that’s at least a few more one-more-nerfs away, at around the 150,000-200,000 EHP mark for a basic barge. At that point, it just won’t be worth the effort to field a dozen accounts to get a basic gank. Until then, gankers will be killing a lot more stuff with their additional firepower capacity that has been necessitated by the new barge EHP buffs. Maybe it’s time for a T1 battleshipageddon?

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