On The Origin of ALLISON

Anyone who read my post on Signal Cartel’s Survey of the Shattered Wormholes over on IGS will have seen references to ‘ALLISON’, which is an actual third-party EVE utility developed by Signal Cartel member A Dead Parrot. There were a couple of comments on the IGS post that questioned who or what ALLISON actually was, but the thing is, you have to be a Signal Cartel member to be able to use it as it’s not available to the wider EVE community.

Earlier this year, Parrot asked me to develop a lore-compliant, RP backstory for ALLISON that would explain how ‘she’ came into being. That backstory has been on Signal’s forum for a while now, and I also put it on my blog around the same time.

I never got round to sharing it on here or anywhere else though, until now.

So for anyone who is curious about this ALLISON, who she is, what she was, and where she came from, here’s the link: Chronicle: On The Origin of ALLISON.

Think of it as a kind of graphic novel/fanfic/documentary hybrid…


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