One character gets socket closed but another does not when both are online, on the same PC, at the same time

I am experiencing a weird issue. I keep getting "socket closed"s only with the one toon but not any others. It can’t be a connection issue because the other logged in toon goes along happily. It is the only the one character that always gets booted which makes it weirder.

Anyone else experienced this? Quite frustrating that only the one character gets this. I am using the same launcher on the same PC for the characters. My net is stable (because the other characters stay logged in and active like ratting, etc) but the one gets the closed.

So, what can you recommend I do? Is it just a connected stability thing?

There isn’t really all that much you can do as you lack the knowledge necessary to investigate this further and I somehow doubt you’ll want to dig deep into routing and networking. Determining where the problem may be requires detailed diagnostics.
However, considering that few people have that same problem, your package drop problem is more likely than not closer to you (e.g. at your ISP, or perhaps even your home router) than it is to CCPs servers.

It’s very curious indeed that it happens to one of your clients but not the other, but it is indeed a network issue. Do they ever switch? E.g. is it always the first / second client you start, irrelevant of the account, or does it always happen to that account, irrelevant in which order the clients are started?

I had this happen to me in the past as well …
… which makes me doubt it’s a networking problem.

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Bollocks. Me and others often experience having one or more alts dc (but not at all). If it was connection issue all of them would dc (and in such case they do).

I’m sure that your personal anecdote and opinion based on total lack of knowledge about the underlying technology are most relevant in determining a possible cause. Not.

Wrong. The packets, or some of the packets (enough to corrupt the connection), of one of your clients could take a totally different route than that of the other. Packet-switching networks are not a permanent, fixed connection. Each individual packet can take a totally different route than the one before it.
There are also a few more hops between your home PC and CCPs servers. Saying “the problem isn’t here, so it must be CCP” is retarded at best when there are 6 other middlemen in-between. If the problem were at CCPs side of things, not only would they notice, but a whole lot more other players would also.

Which reminds me, I sometimes have the same thing happening. The client I’m actively using gets a disconnect, while the others that pretty much just sit idle just chug along. Which isn’t much of a surprise, really, because only that one client is sending interaction data, while the others are just receiving. One client expects an answer, the others do not. A temporary network hiccup dropping or corrupting some packets can easily corrupt the entire connection, since the underlying protocol, UDP, is connectionless.

meh … wanted to post, but you’re not worth the trouble.

It’s not like some wannabe amateur has anything noteworthy to say about a topic they don’t understand.

Always the one character “NorBdelta Aivoras” I had three toons online at the same time last night and only NorBdelta got socket closeds. Very weird. I may nuke the client and download another copy. The three characters were all active and ratting the current event when I got the socket closeds on NorBdelta.

I will nuke the client and download another copy to scratch that off the list and go from there.

I have this happen from time to time. Sometimes its 1 2 or all 3. Today I had 1 out of 3 socket closed but I was in Jita so who knows.

But it does happen from time to time.

I have been having this issue w/ Socket Closed error. It seems to affect one toon & not the other two.
When mining w/ an Orca and support from my other two toons mining in Hulks, the Orca toon will have a SC error. This makes me reset up fleet w/ the two hulks once I’ve logged back on to the server.
Sometimes in pocket space (Triglavian/Crimson Harvest) I will receive a socket closed error.
This makes me to not want to play in Triglavian sites for fear of losing of ship and the taking of excess damage in the Crimson Harvest w/ a loss of connection to my drones.

Although I don’t play w/ the other two as much as the original. It would seem to be affecting the same toon & w/ greater frequency as of late.

ive had this same issue a few times today

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