One past, one future

As we see past, it was like a one way collapse of reality, of a wave function. What if the future is like that past, but not yet collapsed, or collapsed already and we are being “played forward”, like tape in a walkman? Remember walkmans? They happened once in a certain way, and not the other way. What if future cant be the other way, like with walkmans that happened?

We know the future, roughly, major things like suns exploding, people dying, seasons coming. We dont know everything in detail. If we would know everything, what would we know about future? Would we know it? Knowing it would be like having power to change it? Silly me, we would already know what we would do when we would know everything, every attempt to change future would be known and the end result already predicted.

If there is free will, would you want to choose that knowledge, or rather stay ignorant?

Would that change anything, anyway? Would YOU choose, or the choice would happen ITSELF?

This is a tricky one for me, because I’m a more of a “live in the moment” guy. On one hand, the knowledge of the future would be immeasurably useful, not just for me as a person but for humanity as a whole, but on the other you kinda see all of the negative stuff. All of the potential death and destruction that could ever happen, not to mention it’s not like anyone will believe you even if you can actually see the future. I am a firm believer in free will, but I’m not sure if anyone can actually do anything to change the future. The question is, does it show everything or does it just show what happens to humanity?

It would show everything, it would be everything, in a sense, we are currently collapsing it even unknowingly. We are ignorant now to a large degree, so its not even like we have realistically that choice.

But If we would know, I think, we could only watch it, like you would see thru a gem, crystalized reality, crystals grow certain way, and they trap some impurities. We would be seeing those impurities more clearly as things we know will happen in future, because they would be so big. We wouldnt see obvious clear space crystalizing around, too subtle for our senses. I have to use those words, even as I think time is not existing, only now is changing, certain way. But the way can be only one, forward, and backwards one path.

Yeah, I’d definitely take the knowledge. As horrible as it could be, it could provide so much useful information, especially because it could be used to avert serious catastrophes, or at least run damage control. Nobody would believe anyone who decided to take the knowledge, but at least you would know what to expect.

If catastrophe would be revealed to you, you would be a part of it also.
No, it would not be possible to avert it, it would make you insane in eyes of others without knowledge if you would share it, and you will see it, yourself, how impossible and futile are your attempts to change what was already revealed. It would already happen, it already is, in a sense.

I know, it’s mostly wishful thinking on my part.

Maybe, if there would be the other, higher dimension of existence, we already know it, we are the crystal, we only wilfully want to shatter ourselves, resonating with madness, throwing ourselves in spasms of uberknowing, so we can drop unconscious in this level of reality, that we dont encompas entirely, only small portion of it, to have a small break from that, to which we will return.

We would be born as humans, forgetting all that was, a small splitter of a gem, that will grow back ties with the whole eventually.

I am one of the splitters. I will be whole again.
In my dream I am the world, I am looking into myself.

One past one future but the one and only collapse.