The 3 Body Problem

Math is a language spoken by humans, what is in nature is mathless. You can see many physical rules around you, but they are only interpreted by you. When you see light for example, it is an electromagnetic wave, of only a certain frequency, but there is a lot of similar thing around you that you will never see using eyes. Human is constructing tools that measure things he never will see with his eyes. Measurement is of course something that will change the energy state of a system.

With that comes grand reveal: we will never observe everything being done at the kitchen, only when its served to our platter, already finished. Thats why there are so many theories and computations, people dont know how its cooked and from what. It is not necessary to be there a presence of something like a God or Gods or anything beside kitchen utensils that will mix, cook and serve the dish.

You dont need god, you dont need human, the world can and will exist beside any level of human or god tier consciousness as it is what was always there. If there would be something like God, as a higher being, then panentheism or pantheism would be most probably in my opinion close to truth. That would also mean that this God is me, you, every evil and good is done by our hands and we do that to ourselves and we are responsible for what we do, as is God, because its the same thing. Imagine a God masturbating and creating the world in such an act, and you would literally have an origin story for world seen as ancient agyptians seen it, but they called him Atum.

There was also no first cell, but multiple of them, there was always many things at once, or one, changing in many points, a field of reality. There were no first humans, there were multiple creatures resembling slowly thru generations you and me.

It will never come to be and will not come to pass, because it just is, now. The totally evolutionary, changing, all encompassing, THING. What is it? We can only wonder.

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