The 3 Body Problem

The 3 Body Problem

Gaia BH1, the closest black hole to the Sol System and Earth, is a mere 1,560 light years from Earth. Gaia BH1 has a star, similar to our own sun that orbits the black hole while the black hole orbits the star, thus proving that a star and possibly solar system with planets on it can survive in orbit around a black hole. The hole is located in the Ophiuchus constellation or the ‘serpent bearer’, the man grasping the snake. If the life building components of Earth can be traced to Gaia BH1 and was sling-shot around Gaia BH 1 from another location in the galaxy, perhaps these black holes that orbit stars and stars that orbit black holes without the black hole ever consuming the star, exist in other locations in the Universe, then perhaps such solar systems might contain advanced civilian societies that have been able to harness the power of their black hole to travel the Universe? The Earth could even have been seeded with life by an alien species using Gaia Holes to travel the Universe seeding life.

If Life was created in such a manner on Earth, then Death will find this planet, eventually, using the same manner.

The predator always stalks the prey, until the prey becomes the predator.

I don’t understand the premise of your conditional.
How could “life building components” be traced at one lacation yet “sling-shot” from *another location"?

They do.

Would need to find out if Black-Hole-powered engines is possible then vialble.
Why not Extra-Dimentional Drives, Teleportation, Quantum Drives…?
And why assume there might be an advanced civilization? What if the aliens there are still in the stone age?

What for? cricket sound
This whole “earth life seeded by aliens” theory is completely unfounded, useless, baseless and has less than a zero probability to have ever taken place.

I don’t believe there are aliens out there and will not believe until I see one with mine own eyes.

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What are you on?


And why aren’t we all on it?


It’s a DrysonBennington post.

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Maybe he is talking about the Triglavians transmuting stars in hopes of re-opening the EVE Gate to re-establish the connection to Earth itself. :thinking:

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Yeah but even a broken watch is accurate twice a day.

Think about this for a moment. During the Pre-Historic Ages, many animals developed from an egg, a shell of protection. Such a shell of protection would have helped keep harmful UV rays out that would otherwise have baked the early offspring of dinosaurs into Dino-Nuggets, yum, but moving forward.

Humans don’t come from eggs but from the womb of a woman as does other life on Earth. For life to have come from a womb and not a shell tells me one thing, such life would have grown in an environment that was not as hostile as Pre-Historic Earth was.

Another factor to look at that may lead to humans not developing on Earth is the maturation rate of humans. The modern human male takes at minimum, 15 years to develop the ability to totally defend and fend for itself. A one year old lion’s cub is more than capable of defending and fending for itself at age one compared to a human at the age of one. Most species on Earth develop the ability to rapidly reach a state of self-defense and reliance unlike the human. With such a long maturation period, I doubt if any early humans would have been able to survive the animals in the same period that humans are thought to have evolved in.

So where exactly would have humans evolved at, in peace, on Earth for the first 15 years of their lives? Wouldn’t have been on the ground with the fast-growing dinosaurs that much is certain.

Ah, Karak. A man of few words and even less influence.

Humans do come from eggs: Ova (eggs) are made in the ovaries of the female reproductive organs. Same for all mamals.

Tell that to the Homo Neanderthalis who had to face a Sabertooth or a Mammoth.

I don’t doubt it. Humans, despite our seemingly weak frame, can withstand much more physical punishment than previously thought. There are many instances where someone “should’ve died” but didn’t, or a man lifting a car to save someone, and that’s just modern man. Imagine how much stronger and faster our prehistoric ancestors were. Add to that the fact that humans lived way longer than present-day Man, that’s an individual I wouldn’t want to upset.

Many anthropologists think Africa. I agree with them.

If there were dinosaurs during the time that humans appeared on Earth ( they died off way before that ) they would’ve been smaller, less lethal and lower in numbers.
Introduction to Human Evolution | The Smithsonian Institution's Human Origins Program.

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Explain how the first human would have been able to survive without an older and much stronger adult protecting the infant.

Humans dont emerge from the womb fully grown, given how long the very first human would have taken to grown to maturity, humans would not have survived on Earth.

I hope you’re not debating the fact that a human life starts in the womb from a fertilized egg.

As far as the first human goes, that remains an open question in science because the scientific disciplines are still evolving. For now we’re left with a conundrum: What came first, the chicken or the egg?
That is where the debate ends and personal beliefs start. Because science doesn’t have all the answers, we as individuals have to search further.

That is part of having to search further. All we can do is theorize and posit.
Ultimately it comes down to what or who you believe.


The question is why did most cold blooded animals and most insects, lay eggs compared to most mammals growing on the inside of the womb?

There had to have been an environmental shift that caused eggs to be laid instead of the offspring growing on the inside of a womb.

The egg on the outside and egg on the inside tells me that life in the early universe was contained in a hard shell, much like an astronaughts helmet is a shell that provides oxygen and to some extent nutrients compared to the womb which is soft and provides nearly the same environment as the hard egg.


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A bird/reptile/anything else that gives birth to eggs does so because the fetus is basically just liquid (see chicken eggs) and has not formed yet. As time goes by with proper care the fetus will develop in the egg and then hatch when it is ready.

A mammal basically skips the egg laying so it does the developing within it’s body and gives birth to a fully formed fetus.

Each method had pros and cons:

Egg pros:

the “mother” doesn’t need to cary the babies with her all the time till birth leaving her free to hunt and protect the babies

Egg cons:

If the parents wander off too far or die then the eggs are defenseless and can be stolen/broken or not provided enough care and die before they hatch.

Live birth Pros:

The fetus is always with the mother so it is always safe so long as the mother is safe and in most some cases (not humans cause we just had to be different) when it is born it has already developed enough to fend for itself.

Live birth Cons:

The mother is burdened with carrying the fetus till birth so if anything happens to the mother then the fetus has a low chance of surviving.

Giving live birth is not as safe for the mother as egg laying and can lead to complications to the mother, the baby or both.

Not every aspect of evolution can be explained away through shifts in environment. Many features of the living organisms that exist on Earth can be chocked to smart convenience… as if they were designed and not spontaneous ad-hoc features.

That is something you believe given the info you have. It makes sense according to your understanding and observations. Doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong.
I believe something else given the info I have. It makes sense according to my understanding and observations.
Ask someone else and it will be a different story.
That’s what I mean by:

bbl :slightly_smiling_face:

Not a DrysonBennington watch

Wait, is your theory that dinos and birds developed on earth, while mammals didn’t? You do know that we have a genetic ancestor with all other life on earth and we can at least trace it back 3.7 billion years, and even cells only formed like 1.8 billion years ago.

Things like animals and eggs and whatever else exist today are very recent products of evolution and have absolutely nothing to do with the pre-historic earth.

Even if life came from outside the earth, it was very primitive replicator molecules and not complex at all.

I prefer to talk to people than outright dismiss them.

( Didn’t mean to tag you, Dyson )

See above, I sometimes make that mistake as well

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I like chatting with you Yuzima, you take a balanced approached.

Not every aspect of evolution can be explained away through shifts in environment. Many features of the living organisms that exist on Earth can be chocked to smart convenience… as if they were designed and not spontaneous ad-hoc features.

As if they were designed.

But what if life on Earth was designed and also had spontaneous ad-hoc features?

Would the first paths of life in the Universe have been designed to be egg-shell based and then evolved to use internal womb births as an ad-hoc feature?

Look at most eggshell based eggs on Earth, most are shaped like a tear drop. Such a design could lead to the design of the eggshell having been designed like the tear drop for certain gravitational circumstances. On other planets, the eggshell could be more round, possibly square on a flat Earth type of plane and even shaped with numerous sides, after all doesn’t God play Eve Online and roll the dice?

No, but seriously, the womb concept of creating and carrying life in the female body, that’s understandable, as such a design would allow the human female to be more nomadic when looking for food, while not being limited to a certain distance from the nest to hunt for food, very limiting. But with the human design, the human female would not have to worry about her child being too far away from her as the child would be in her womb until born. A very convenient ad-hoc design? Did a human female develop the internal womb due to an increase in brain size after observing dinosaurs could only chase or hunt their prey within a safe distance from the nest? Or did the internal womb come with the first human female?

Another question of design is the egg itself. With nearly all dinosaurs giving birth to their young via hard shelled eggs, the base of such a design, seeded in all dinosaurs’ brains would be to collect enough calcium carbonate crystal units to create eggshells from. This means that all dinosaurs that laid eggs would have been cut from the same sheet of cookie dough or evolved from the same glop of dino stuff before dinosaurs were dinosaurs. I’m definitely seeing a manifold of sorts with the base for the manifold peaking in different directions to create different dinosaurs with that center being the ability of dinosaurs to collect calcium carbonate crystal units and convert the material into eggshells.

The next question is, when would calcium carbonate crystal units have been accessible to early dino glop? I don’t know the scientific term for it. At what point would CCC ( calcium carbonate crystal units) have been viable enough for cellular life to use the material to create eggshells? Or what time period on Earth was calcium carbonate crystal units the most accessible for use?

Why two blueprints though, one for the semi-mobile egg layer and one for a free range of movement internal womb?

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Thanks, I try. I’ve learned that things in life aren’t always as they seem and not as simple as some people tend to believe. In fact, I think we know less about Life than we think we know. New discoveries that cause scientists to reconsider their theories happen regularly.

It is possible but I personally believe that nothing is by accident or coincidence and everything has a raison d’être, even if we don’t understand the reasons.

If that were the case, the egg-laying feature would have given way to womb birth and not exist anymore. As far as I know, evolution replaces, it doesn’t add.

The shape of the egg provides strength and keeps the eggs from easily cracking. If eggs had corners they would be more susceptible to cracks and not as strong. The oblong shape of the egg also keeps it from easily rolling out of the nest.

I don’t think so. Following that logic would mean that humans should have wings by now. Easier to travel and escape predators.

That’s what I believe, but to believe that leads to believing that the chicken came first, not the egg.

Indeed that’s what happened. All dinosaurs shared the same DNA, slightly modified for their purpose.

I think it is represented thus:

Most, if not all, elements come from stars, or the stuff left behind after the explosion of a star, so calcium carbonate would have been available to Life from the birth of our galaxy.

Scientists still do not know why. Maybe one day we’ll find out… or not.

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Could there have been a triggering mechanism, from the point of the Big Bang, that would have caused certain stars, such as ours, to release just enough Life building material to create life on Earth?

If such a triggering mechanism is indeed, real and easily discoverable, then couldn’t such a star pattern be used to locate potentially habitable solar systems with stars in them that have the same triggering mechanism as our sun?