The 3 Body Problem

The „three body problem“ is a mathematical problem. A book was written and named after this math problem. And the Netflix series was adopted from the book. OP is too vague to tell whether he is referencing all or just some of these.


No, I’m not offering a lecture on the atomic or the molecular structure, lol.
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These free genes are like bunch of lego bricks, not parasites. They will always be around when you need them. How some genes can be aquired? From viruses mostly, sometimes from microorganisms like bacterias.

Parasitic is a pretty strange description, because when they would apply the same logic, similarly in such case mitochondria can be described as a parasitic microorganism inside human cell. Basically everything that is outside cell membrane could be aquired in some way, and if cell survives and the aquired thing is usefull, then it just will be a part of a cell. But what then is an original cell? Membrane only? It can be stable, as lipids can form such structures.

Theories for particle life only seem to exist in Einstein space-time where gravity created at the moment of the Big Bang is the reason why particles and atoms came to be. But like a child in the womb, the components that comprise the child come from two different sources, the male and female.

Particles that existed prior to the Big Bang could at least be called Father and Mother particles that contained the blueprints for Einsteins gravity and space-time. Somewhere in all of those particles there are Father and Mother particles with very similar traits but create a different ‘physiological’ look to each new particle in Einstein’s universe.

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Have you read the Bible?

Oh, its the hidden reply. We dont look at those.

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I think most scientists don’t believe in god and I don’t think they believe anything in the bible either. The only problem with this is where we reach a point in our investigation where science simply won’t answer anything. It is a great question “how did the first humans survive from birth?” which has been largely ignored or not really considered.

I know that we should aim to discuss things here through the lens of science, but the moderators should acknowledge the convo has reached a point where science simply won’t answer the questions being asked.

If I follow logic then the first humans were born as adults capable of learning how to look after children quickly. I have no clue how this is possible but it seems to be the only logical explanation. I would expect them to have been very strong probably many times stronger than the humans today as their mission was a great one.


This is simply not true, a majority of scientists follow one religion or another. Not everyone takes their holy book literally (even those who deny evolution don’t even do that). Evolution is a thing that happens over time, one mutation at a time. There is no very first Homo Sapien. Much like a tree branch, it’s hard to tell where a new branch begins and where the main branch continues on until you see the definitive split. There is an area where one could argue if it’s a part of the main branch or a new one.


God created the Heavens and Earth, but what has science done for us?

It helped create an ai that’s writing your blog now :roll_eyes:

Perhaps religion can shed light for science on how humanity functions.

If you want to experience consciousness, go and watch Ghost Busters: Frozen Empire, after you read this.

Weird things happened. Thunder and rainstorm prior to the movie, electric went out before the movie started, standard focal point spirit stuff. Then at that point when asked if Dan Akroyd dreamt of being a ghost and said yes, I had this idea. If a biological dreams of being a ghost, or an ethereal form, then ethereal life would dream of becoming solid to experience life it couldn’t in ethereal form. Basically, an hourglass of both sides being expansive or expanding from a smaller point into something larger and then vice versus. Thought from before the Big Bang was far spreading, like the wider base of the cone. Thought collapsed from an infinite mindset into multiple points of thought, being intelligence, innovation, creativity, the male and female aspect of all life in the Universe that is part of the dream of all life.

God said let there be light and then there was light.

Whenever we dream, we usually dream with our eyes closed and sleeping. Those dreams are created using light. Life sees all in the spectrum of light. Without light in a dream, we wouldn’t see those dreams, nor would we be able to come to understand how life was possibly created. Not being able to see the Universe and pass on that sight in a dream, then the darkness that existed prior to the Big Bang would keep all in darkness with only the darkness being able to see, however the darkness sees. If dreams are created and stored in the form of light, then perhaps when a person passes away, there are parts of the brain and aspects of the photon that we don’t understand yet that interact and carries those dreams to different regions of galaxy. The form of a ghost. Other life in the galaxy with the same dream receptors that we have interact with photons containing our dreams when they look out into the day. The eye takes in the dream riding the light that then gets stored in the dream center of the brain. Whatever the trigger is that triggers the alien to see us in a dream, a nightmare if you were the alien not seeing the image of their race in a dream, or an actual Void Nightmare that has been able to attach itself to the light photon to then a nightmare in the livings dream center. When people mentioned seeing weird creatures in a dream, those weird creatures could actually be the dreams maybe even the sub-conscious dreams of alien species. A dream remembered by the alien could actually be a dream that we have. Light is the fastest speed in our Universe. A person might need to pass away either. A dream that is received from interacting with light from a planet 10,000,000 light years would have taken 10,000,000 light years to reach Earth, a living storage system of life, in a dream. The origin dreamer would most likely be gone after 10,000,000 years, but the dream of life, God and Creation, lasts as long as the light photon remains lit.

Life came into the Universe with the light, dreams traveling through space on photons would ensure that life always kept the idea of, something or someone, is out there. How do we find them? Thus a connection between all life, a connection that the darkness has trouble seeing because the darkness cannot see the light, but only darkness. Yet sometimes, the darkness does penetrate the connection.

Solid life could be the way that ethereal life creates life in order to spread life across a plane. From the dream to biological. The life grows, obtains knowledge, passes away into ethereal form of many, many dreams and passes on its knowledge as it travels in a pattern of infinity around the focal point of the hourglass, the grain of sand through the center of the hourglass. Life could have escaped from before the Big Bang into this plane at the moment of the Big Bang trying to escape evil forces only bent on using ethereal energy to power their own ethereal control. Feeling that the Primordial Force was bleeding energy from its own life you could say, the evil also learned how to use the Focal Hourglass to become solid with the only goal of eradicating life and capturing the ethereal energy to return it to before the Big Bang. Thus, ethereal life to solid life and then into the infinity ribbon could be the means of how ethereal life seeds the universe with solid life that is able to hide from the Void before the Big Bang before returning to the Ethereal to spread the knowledge of life in other parts of the Universe. All carried on the dream, the light of God and Creation and their light that they created.

The dreams we have and are passed on to others in the Universe via the light photon, could be like Moses in the reed basket. Moses would be the solid and biological form of creation, the woven reed basket, the grid of dreams passing through and out of Moses and many other people on Earth.

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Aqueducts were a invention of genius that started the revolution of sanitation.


Well my viewpoint is science and numbers are God’s language, if we look at the fibonacci sequence and golden ratio we will see that many natural occurances operate under these rules.

So, when we conduct science experiments we are effectively studying God’s work. It impossible to ask what science has done for us for it is simply the study of the reality we are in.

If you study that the metal ball no longer fits through the hoop once it’s heated up then you get to understand the properties of metal which is a feature of this reality. The act of heating up the metal ball and discovering it’s properties is science, just as studying how the universe came to be is science. Science has been here since the begining just like maths.

The first person in history who hit 2 stones together and found that it made a spark was conducting one of the first few science experiments, this person then went further to find the spark could be transferred to wood or dry leaves to create a fire, and then found that the fire made the meat easier to digest, the study of nature (science) has always been there.

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Then he killed himself so we get to enjoy a long weekend. Shout out to Judas btw.

Math is a language spoken by humans, what is in nature is mathless. You can see many physical rules around you, but they are only interpreted by you. When you see light for example, it is an electromagnetic wave, of only a certain frequency, but there is a lot of similar thing around you that you will never see using eyes. Human is constructing tools that measure things he never will see with his eyes. Measurement is of course something that will change the energy state of a system.

With that comes grand reveal: we will never observe everything being done at the kitchen, only when its served to our platter, already finished. Thats why there are so many theories and computations, people dont know how its cooked and from what. It is not necessary to be there a presence of something like a God or Gods or anything beside kitchen utensils that will mix, cook and serve the dish.

You dont need god, you dont need human, the world can and will exist beside any level of human or god tier consciousness as it is what was always there. If there would be something like God, as a higher being, then panentheism or pantheism would be most probably in my opinion close to truth. That would also mean that this God is me, you, every evil and good is done by our hands and we do that to ourselves and we are responsible for what we do, as is God, because its the same thing. Imagine a God masturbating and creating the world in such an act, and you would literally have an origin story for world seen as ancient agyptians seen it, but they called him Atum.

There was also no first cell, but multiple of them, there was always many things at once, or one, changing in many points, a field of reality. There were no first humans, there were multiple creatures resembling slowly thru generations you and me.

It will never come to be and will not come to pass, because it just is, now. The totally evolutionary, changing, all encompassing, THING. What is it? We can only wonder.

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Math is simply addition or subtraction, the fundamentals of volume, percentages, etc. that early humans and humans still use today to determine many things that are based on curiosity. Curiosity such as, how deep is the lake or how far is it the next mountain ridge and the grazing plains of animals hunted by early humans. Math is a necessarily and vital survival tool for all life on Earth, not just humans.

Nature is not mathless. If nature was mathless then there wouldn’t be any means for humans to survive. Matter of fact our Universe wouldn’t even exist if nature was mathless. The proof that nature is not mathless is easily proven by conducting a simple experiment. Take any element from the Periodic Table of Elements. Using all of the math formulas necessary to understand how the element actually works must be used to reproduce that element over and over again in exacting order. Without the math that goes into each element not existing, there wouldn’t be any elements.

…but we all agree the egg came first right?

mathematics it totally and entirely made up by us (humans) to explain stuff we (humans) observe.

Imagine a tree using a pencil to calculate square roots, well that’s disgusting, would be like us drawing pictures with crayons made from mashed up children… shame on you for thinking it!

You could ask a cat about math then. Surely without a math it could not live.

Math was invented as an universal language by humans, you can see history of math, how it developed and how humans added new ideas and what signs they used to write it down so it doesnt go away so fast.

All that math is just a very simple language, and it all emerges from human head full of thoughts that are pretty limited in scope, generalizations, and very separating. Separate, its the idea behind any thought, and language model, as without it you woudnt have SINGLE idea, you would live your instincts fully: hunt, eat, give, sex, warm, sleep, without any pause between them.

You dont even have a consciousness so vast to encompass, to envelop the idea that you and me are connected by this thing, you have no sign in math for everything connecting like that, when ripple, when wave here is seen by you there as a burst of light, and why it all works like that.

Up to the smallest cog in that thing, not a computer, not a photon, not an electric circuit, and not a head full of water, proteins, and lipids, and everything between it. You could use the infinity symbol maybe, but that would be like a confused babbling, doesnt matter if very cunning Oxford Professor would mutter it out, or me, or you.

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