One Skill at 6

Omega characters that meet certain requirements can develop ONE of their skills to six.

why? I can also think of a few skills where the math breaks if you try this.


Well, I’m not quite there, but I’m getting within spitting distance of completely maxing out all subcap skills. So what’s next after that? Industry, capital skills, turning him into a S.P. farm? I dunno. But I do kind of sort of wish that I had more things to train that were relevant to my current play style. Moreover, I imagine that there are plenty of players out there that have managed to max out their preferred ships, and wouldn’t mind having the ability to keep training them further.

So, I’ve thought about things like very specific skills with high multipliers that give very small bonuses. For example, small hybrid turrets give 5% bonus to all hybrid turrets, while small blaster spec gives a 2% bonus to blasters only. Well, what about a skill that gives a 1% bonus to small neutron blasters only?

That being said, I think that it’s absolutely critical that the game remain balanced in such a way that newbros can remain competitive with vets, as well as feel like they aren’t forever disadvantaged. And adding more skills with insanely high training times and tiny bonuses would likely make a lot of them feel like they’ll be forever behind.

So, I dunno. Perhaps it’s a good idea that the SP ceiling not be raised. I mean, if it came down to it, I’d rather have better newbro acquisition and retention, than the ability to keep progressing in my favorite ships.

What about skills that have no impact on game play instead? Like, what about skills that unlock character-bound, unique cosmetics? For example, Minmatar Frigate VI could take like 2.9mil SP to train, and unlock unique skins for the Minmatar Frigates. I know that designing the skins would take dev time, but It would give high SP players and specialists something else to progress towards, and wouldn’t ■■■■ up game balance or make things more difficult on newbros.

I dunno. Perhaps this is something that more players will become concerned with as the game grows older, and more and more players start maxing out ships.

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Or how about nice stuff at 300m SP ?


How about making it go to 11? :slight_smile:

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Friend of a CCP employee? :thinking:


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Already implemented. Topic may be closed. :upside_down_face:

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Bad idea, yet another thing that pisses on the chips of old players.

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