One Small Change Would Reap Windfall Profits 📈

I would buy every “pack” in The Store if I could redeem the items to my hanger. I can only use so many MTC’s and most of the Skins™ are for ships I don’t fly. Another variation that would help (IMO) would be to let users choose their Skins™ at checkout.


Prove me wrong…

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The MTC would definitely be nice to do something with (mine will probably end up sitting there for a long time).

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It would crash the in-game economy.

I don’t agree. What are you basing this on?

Beats me. :rofl: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Probably idk. There is a reason why CCP has it like this.

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Anything that removes the ludicrous prices of many skins would be more than welcome.


They give you skins you’re never going to use because they want to minimize the value you get. If they let you choose the skins, you would pick skins for ships you use and be happy. Here, you get a random assortment of ship skins, and if you want a skin for particular ship, you have to buy it at a premium price.

Same reason it’s 23 days and not 30, same reason it’s 400 plex and not 500, same reason there’s a useless MCT in there.

They make bundles full of stuff, but not the good stuff. Short-changing. Typical predatory monetization.

Shouldn’t expect anything less than that after they increased the sub price to 20$

They want immediate profits at the expense of newer players that don’t know anything better. They know player retention is abysmal, so they hike the entry price. So instead of a newbro dropping 15$ once (old sub price) and never playing again, they drop 20$, or buy this pack and drop 24$. Looks great when shown to investors. Players are just numbers to be milked.


Not all of their changes have been bad. It’s a work in progress.