Onyx needs nerf

I’m just going to get straight to the point, I think the strength of an Onyx using a Warp Scrambler is far too much, I mean if I am guessing correctly a StandUp Warp Scrambler used on Citadel Space Stations have 25 points of Warp Scramble strength, so why the hell does a cruiser get 100 Warp Scramble strength, hell not even a Titan can equip that kind of ability and they produce the most power and capacitor charge of any ship in EVE excluding ships used by CCP and ISD and other staff.

Seriously 100 Warp Scramble strength for a cruiser… A CRUISER! Not a Battleship, not a Dreadnought, not a Super Carrier or Titan, a CRUISER! Frankly I think that is a load of rubbish and should be nerfed, I would understand if it was using maybe a 6 point scrambler in combination with say 5 or 6 others to build up the warp scramble strength but just 1 warp scrambler having that much strength and being equipped to something that small and nimble is quite out of the ordinary, I mean I think warp scramblers should become stronger depending on how much capacitor and power your ship can output because a cruiser having that much strength is frankly overpowered.

Just curious, when you said Onyx need Nerf, you mean all HIC or just Onyx?

because way you describe your “rant”, it sound like you have an issue with specialization cruiser that is designed for one role. Rather than have issue with single specific ship.

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How many warp core stabs did you have on?


That warp disruption strength is the entire point of this Heavy Interdiction cruiser. :thinking: Think before you post; and if you used warp core stabs and expected to survive, you should feel ashamed of yourself.


Heavy interdictors are specialised heavy tackle designed to hold down anything, including titans. Thats why they get such powerful warp disruption.

And i think citadel warp disruption is 100str too…

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Looks like troll,smells like troll.

Also broadsword is the best hic learn your speshups

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Yes but it used to have 2 penalties that the devs took out without explanation.

Then you didnt read all their patch notes. Lurch HICs were the reason HICs arent speed penalized for bubbles anymore.

The whole reason to bring a HIC instead of a Sabre is that you can use that 100 pts warp scrambler. Remove that and the ship becomes basically useless.

No, no more nerfs. #nomorenerfs

Instead of complaining about ships you hate because you hate them, It would be a better usage of time to find a ship that can adequately fight against it.

They shouldn’t nerf the scrambler, they just need to revert the removal of the penalties.

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