Warp Scrambling , Disruption and Interdiction Nullifiers

Interdiction Nullifiers
every ship type should be able to mount and use it. or change the base warp core strength for every ship to two (2)

Warp Scrambling , Disruption
only ships of same type or lower should be able to do so. means for example, a battleship can do this on his own class or lower.

feel free to discuss, but to be honest those things do more harm to the game than they actually help.

no … why ? because its stupid xD we already have modules to improve the warp core strength and they called " Warp Core Stabilizer "

and then you cant kill anything bigger then your ship is because you cant tackle it … sounds like a very good idea to take out the PvP part of this game !
btw … do you know that the aligntime of ships at the same class are mostly faster then the locktime to the same class ? means you cant tackle this because you cant lock him fast enough …

this dont help the game … it will make it more casual so that players can be more lazy because not everything can tackle them !

btw … we have specialized tackle frigats xD with your “ideas” they got obiously useless …

Your opinion is noted.

Also it is wrong.

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How so?

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OP’s post reminds me of someone else who also hates warp scramblers with a passion. I wonder if that other guy got banned from the forums or something and completely independent of that if there is a relation between the two… like master and apprentice or… main and alt… or something like that. :thinking:

You want that an Interceptor to be unable to point a destroyer or larger ship? Do I understand that correctly?

Then Titans for example would be the safest hauler ever, since they can now fit Interdiction Nullifiers, and could only be tackled by other Titans?

Sound like a pretty weird change to me.

What purpose would Interdictors and Heavy Interdictors then have?

Well they were in a blockade runner, with an interdiction nullifer and was destroyed by an interdictor back in november

Wait until they go into Ahbazon where CCP planted monuments prevent you from cloaking. He’ll then probably ask for a ban of CCP in the game.

Seems fine, you only get to kill what you’re willing to risk.

so exactly what it is right know … oO if you dont wanna risk any ship then dont undock it ! very simple !

A simpler solution would just be to add some inherent warp core strength to various classes of ships. T1/Faction battlecruisers get +1, T2 battlecruisers and T1/Faction battleships get +2 and T2 Battleships get +3.

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