[OOSJ] Daughters of the Empress-Martyr

As much as any true warrior dreams of peace, recent events in Holy Amarr have shown us just how far away that goal is. For several months, I have been working with the Jamylite Archbishop for Para’Nashu on a new militant order for the Jamylite Cult: The Daughters of the Empress-Martyr.

The recent conflicts have left Holy Amarr with a significant and depressingly large number of orphans. To that end, a facility set up on Damnidos Para’nashu to house, indoctrinate, teach, and train these orphans would be beneficial to the Empire.

Orphans under the age of ten, though older than five shall be gathered from the Sarum domain mostly, but other areas as agreed upon or possible. In Damnidos Para’nashu, utilizing the incredible amount of funds available to the holding, they shall be given room and board.

At earlier ages, focus will be on schooling, with the traditional topics of Amarr education: Scriptures, reading, writing, maths, science, and the Empress-Martyr. The girls will be taught that Empress Jamyl I is an example they should always strive to emulate. Discipline will begin at this stage and remain a key component until graduation. Education will be done by ordained clergy with support from military cadre for discipline. Once the program is up and running, much of the education and discipline can be done by veteran sisters of the order. (Ages 5-10. Attrition rate: 0% Lethality rate: 0%)

Basic military training shall begin at age ten, in addition to their other education. At this age, specific focus shall be given to indoctrinate the girls of the greatness to fight and die for the Empire. It is better to die for the Holy Amarr Empire than live for yourself. Weapons training and basic hand to hand techniques will be the focus of the military training at this level. Also at this level, girls deemed unsuitable for continuation will be sent to secondary facilities where they will be raised to serve as commoners on the holding. Military cadre will have an increased presence here, going from a ratio of ten to one of clergy to military to five to one. (Ages 10-12. Attrition rate 2% Desired lethality rate: 0% Acceptable lethality rate: 0.01%)

At stage three, basic combat techniques shall be added to the curriculum. The key concepts of fire and maneuver, shoot-move-communicate, and advanced marksmanship will be added. Also integrated at this level will be basic warrior and survival skills. The girls will spend one month training in disparate biomes. This is also the first level where desired lethality is above zero percent, as some losses are expected in survival training, otherwise it would not be rigorous enough. It is hoped that the girls who die in the course of training do so in a manner that allows their spirit to be praised. They should die in a manner that the Empress would be proud. Should they do so, they will be given full funerary honors. Attrition rate will also increase at this stage, as only those who are worthy should be allowed to continue. Those not up to standards should be removed swiftly and publicly so as to encourage the others to strive harder. The dual concept of the Daughters of the Empress-Martyr is also introduced here. Should they be chosen, the young women will not only be warriors, but also consecrated sisters of the Jamylite cult. It is expected that the girls here will begin a regimen of prayer and mass that will gradually increase to what is expected of them upon their consecration and vows of obedience and fealty to Daughters of the Empress-Martyr by completion of the stage. (Ages 13-15. Attrition rate 15% Lethality rate:0.05%)

The final stage will focus less on education of subjects other than Scripture and Religion than previous stages as the girls move into a more rigorous military and spiritual regimen that should be as close as possible to the daily life of a sister of the order. Attrition rate at this stage has no maximum, but should be reasonably high to ensure that only the most worthy will be admitted to the order. Final selection will either be done by the sister superior of the order, the Marshal Protector of Damnidos Para’nashu, or a conclave of high ranking sisters of the order. Lethality at the final stage is expected to be higher thanks to live fire scenarios and high risk warrior skills, such as orbit to ground jumps, advanced survival scenarios, and other training accidents. However, in no cases should lethality be deliberate or arranged. The final six months shall culminate the indoctrination and training of candidates with high intensity training events broken up with periods given over to prayer, meditation, and discernment of calling. This is also the stage at which deliberate self-attrition is encouraged, for girls that do not think they can meet the high standards of the Daughters of the Empress-Martyr to voluntarily leave the training. No shame will be placed upon girls who cannot meet the standards and self-attrit. During the final six months, girls that perish in training will be given posthumous membership in the order and a cremation in Safizon as any other sister would. (Ages 16-18. Attrition rate > 35% Lethality rate: 0.02% Lethality rate, final six months: 0.1%)

Upon the completion of the program, the women will be inducted into the Daughters of the Empress-Martyr as a novitiate and sent to a combat zone with all possible speed. It is desired that sisters see combat within their first month of membership. After all, no training can make up for combat. Sisters that successfully complete their combat tour shall then take their final vows and consecrated as full sisters of the order. They shall then make a three month long pilgrimage to all of the holy sites of the Jamylite Cult before being released to active duty detachments.

It is expected that these active duty detachments will serve as both sword and shield, attacking the enemies of God and Empire, but also protecting critical sites of the Jamylite Cult, and high ranking members, including the noble family of the lady of Damnidos Para’nashu, other Holders of House Sarum, and Jamylites in the Empire at large.

As the training facilities have just been completed on Mekhios for the Daughters of the Empress-Martyr, we will be scouring the Empire for suitable candidates. It should be noted that any girl who ‘washes out’ of the programme will still be cared for until their age of majority. Any orphanage that wishes to send some of their girls to Makhios should contact my office directly. At this time, we are only looking for girls under age twelve.

The Daughters of the Empress-Martyr training area also features a fully equipped ‘combat town’ for Urban Operations training that they will share with the military forces of Damnidos Para’nashu. The Corporal of House Hijazi Combat Town will be a premiere training facility for both Sarumite Troops and invited formations from other Houses. We are expecting to host a brigade of Etranhi troops in the near future (as soon as they can get them moved) for a full training evolution.



Well, it’s a worthy cause. I hope it works well, Alizabeth!

That said, there is an order of the Body, the Sisters of the Hearth, who helped out a great deal with the orphaned children on Anath. In fact, they are the temple body whose work it is to raise orphaned children in the faith.

You are correct, though, that they are woefully understaffed and underfunded. Many of their staff are blessed volunteers, trying to be there a few hours a week between their day jobs. Some very large facilities are having to run without even an ordained representative. It is no fault of the Body, there simply are not enough of those who answer that particular calling.

In any case, I would suggest you to contact them. Certainly, if your facilities and curriculum meet their standards, they would only be so grateful to integrate you into the network. The ‘lethality’ might not appeal to them as they’re not a military order. But perhaps an accommodation can be reached? Too few value the work that they do, far too few would even thank them for it. If nothing else, I’ve never known them to turn away a donation. They simply need too much, and there isn’t enough.


Ah. Apologies for my lack of clarity in the initial post.

There is no network or affiliated groups. Amarr needs warriors, and we seek to provide. If DOEM finds a suitable candidate, the candidate comes to Mekhios and continues there.

I will certainly speak to the Sisters of the Hearth and other groups, and help where I can. However, the best way we can help is take girls to our facility to be raised and trained, freeing up resources to help others.


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