Open Bounty On Partially Corrupted Cryschips

As of the current moment, the United Neopian Federation, House Brezia, and Sain baina Shar.Meyzmul Pruuzan Accordiat are placing an open bounty of 50m isk per unit for Partially Corrupted Cryschips.

Contracts to be made to Lauralite Anne Brezia with the appropriate items anywhere in mainland high security space.

Update: Bounty increased to 100m per unit


Sure, already sent the first data of many

I’ve red a story where one of such cryschips led a band of ex-Angels into a secret base inside a comet named “Mithra’s Gate”. The base housed Jovian made portable clone blanks printer.

Is that what you are after? 50mill would be not enough I guess. I would pay at least 200mill to get one of them and find that printer …for obvious reasons :slight_smile:

are you buying the data for 200m ?

No, I am buying cryschips with data. Do you have them?

i buy saltyship

Not my market, sorry… Try in Mandate maybe?

it took me two days to realize that you weren’t trolling me with the cryschip but it’s actualy the name item


So… do you still have it? Undecoded? And which one? There are supposed to be two kinds: one has a holo like terminal display on it the other looks like regular data chips.

i am already selling them to Lauralite, are you willing to pay more ?

An interesting bidding war over such technology.

Does anyone here really think the Angel Cartel is going to give these up so easily?

@Lauralite_Anne_Brezia Might I also ask how you so quickly knew about such technology?

It seems rather convenient that you’d know about these so readily (quickly)?

Word travels quickly for those with the inclination to listen.

Word also travels quietly for those with ears to hear before others.

But so quick as to be before anyone notices? Now that’s a rather rapid inclination, wouldn’t you say?

@Lauralite_Anne_Brezia I’m a little surprised Arataka isn’t publicizing this bounty themselves. Perhaps they’re paying more for these little crypto crumbs?

Even more perplexed by the lack of parallel efforts as so eagerly announced when The Deathless kicked off the clues to Fulcrum Station. Although that was in express opposition to their efforts. There was even an announcement.

Why would that be?

Because previous case was advertising campaign of The Deathless Circle.

This one might be something opposite - by Empires which preffer doing such things in secrecy.

Clumsilly …as always

From the couple fragments that surfaced recently on GalNet, it appears to be some sort of aptitude test.

There are interesting references to the “Cloning process”

If I didn’t know any better, this sort of looks like a Capsuleer Program Assessment Form.

or… a warclone candidate assessment.

With Vanguards spreading corruption unchecked left and right, it would be of no surprise if Empires would seek a way to try and put an end to that and try suppress them with matching technology :thinking:

I kind of tried to warn them a year ago but nobody listened …as usual.

Is it just me or does it seem as if there are many warnings that have gone ignored over the past year?

I won’t pretend to know, or speculate on Arataka’s intentions or internal specifics on their own open source gathering efforts

Just that due to some history best left aside, House Brezia and most Neopian entities do not often operate in the same circles as Arataka, at least directly.