Opening of Yggdrasil Rebirth Hospital

The hospital is now fully operational and ready to perform surgeries for those people who have had implants forced upon them and dont want them anymore.

We have a highly specialized team that is equipped to do this, the success rate is 75%. We specialize in baseliners but are open to capsuleers that dont want to loose a particular clone. TCMC’s are a 85% survival rate.

The location of the hospital is secret, and there is no charge for its service. Should you require additional information please contact me privately.

Literia Khammael


What can i give you to make this hospital even more successful and efficient? I am very much in support of this hospital and would like to help out where i can.



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While I support this endeavor, I am shocked by those survival rates. I assume some other co-morbid factors are involved. TCMCs, when used properly, are safe and very well tolerated. I even use them myself with some of my clones.

I would be happy to send some of my staff who work with TCMCs regularly to either assist your team or provide training.

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You’re right about co-morbid factors, certainly. There’s a difference between TCMCs for medical purposes, and those which carry those enhanced features which make removal difficult (for example, the ‘spider style’ gripper, or the Sharktooth extraction resistor). While it isn’t common in what one might think of as a humane application, there are extractions where 85% is an extremely high survival number. I’m assuming the number that falls between is a product of the broad variety of equipment being extracted.

Im glad to see the opening of more places that helps the people in need

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Certainly, hospitals even more dangerous than the warzones in which they reside are to be commended.

Transcranial microcontrollers are not so invasive as to require intensive or risky surgery to remove. It’s in the very name - TRANScranial means they go over the skull, not under. They are not monstrous Sansha tech; they are Caldari in origin and are popular specifically because they are not invasive. There should be a 100% survival rate if the surgeons are not slaver hounds with surgical laser taped to their heads.

Clearly there is a typo in this post. That, or it is shameless propaganda and misinformation meant to make TCMC’s seem like some sort of warcrime. There are moral problems when applied to slaves - none of which should be present in Floseswin - but apart from that they are perfectly normal medical tech pieces that have well-documented practices and procedures for application and removal.

I strongly suggest the inaccuracies in this post be corrected.

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How I read it the “survival” rate should probably read “success” rate, like the previous sentence.

Sadly, when TCMCs have been used to break a person’s will long-term, their removal is always not safe, because of permanent neuropsychological harm caused by mind’s adaptation to the chip.


That is far more accurate.

I may not like the survival rate as I see it a bit low, but anyone wanting to help and put up a hospital is at least better than the people still refusing to leave so Floseswin can again see some sembles of peace. The longer people like Lord Sarum is still dead set on this crazy crusade hospitals like these and my own is needed

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Would you expect there is more need for implant removal, or food, fuel and shelter on Floseswin IV? I know which I have chosen to provide.

Ms. Blackfire has been a major contributor of medical and other needed supplies on the planet.

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The answer to that is clear, but I fail to see the point of your question. As Cain just said it’s not like those items aren’t being delivered planetside as well as being distributed to people in need of them.

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The Chief medical officer of the hospital and who performs the surgeries has been been studying and doing this for the last 7 years.

Quite so Else, which is also why when a patient is presented with one, there is extensive testing to be done to see if they are a candidate for the surgery, if they are not they are provided with supports to carry on with the best life possible for them.

They should be a war crime and I will NOT correct it.

I will neither be correcting and I never said that this hospital was on Floseswin, it is in the Republic at a secure and secret location.

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I am always open for donations of supplies, equipment for the hospital. We can always use more and the more equipment we get the more opportunity to perform these kinds of surgeries on patients that are a candidate for them.

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The hospital is NOT located on Floseswin.

My CMO has developed a lot of speciality equipment in his studies and throughout the process to get to this point.

Would people rather I lie and sprout rainbows?