Help Wanted: Neurosurgeon

I am currently seeking the service of a neurosurgeon or doctor in similar field.


  • Experience in dealing with deteriorating brain diseases, long-term effects of transcranial microcontroller usage, long-term effects of substance abuse, memory reconstruction, and cross-clone neural scans.
  • Physiological/neurological familiarity with capsuleers (other capsuleers preferred)
  • Affordability of services expected of a lower-class capsuleer.
  • On neutral or better standings with Electus Matari and the greater Republic armed forces (including indirect associations).

Please list credentials, relevant experience, and character references within or through private message.


I will get in touch with you. Stay tuned.



I don’t know that I understand what this was supposed to offer…?

I might be able to help you. Throw me a mail or convo. We have experience with TCMC’s and their effects. If its for a good cause we can surely do it for free aswell. Get in touch with me to discuss further details. On this platform I can’t talk much about our other services next to bodymodding, cybernetic maintenance and the regular.
Thaila Lemrenoy

It mostly meant that I offered my help weeks ago, and you’re still welcome to reach out.

I did look into the items we discussed, but long story short, they were pretty much a dead end.

I… don’t believe we’ve met…?

While I appreciate any previous attempts to offer assistance, I have chosen a doctor already. My sincerest apologies for any inconvenience.

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The last time that I had a problem with my brain, I simply threw my face into the pavement and everything worked out, for the most part.


…This is worrisome.

We’ve met. Quite recently, indeed.

My thanks go to those who have shown interest in this endeavor. I have selected respective doctors to aid in this project, and the help is no longer needed. My appreciations go to all who showed interest.


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