Opening skills / training queue windows takes 7-8 seconds

I’m on Manjaro Gnome w/ nvidia proprietary drivers, using steam to launch EVE (using proton 6.3.8).
Game works fine, but opening the skills window (alt+x) takes about 7-8 seconds.
I’ve already tried different proton versions (including the latest proton-ge and proton-experimental), no change.

Both the character window (Alt-A) and the skill window got worse after CCP changed them. You can fix the character window and the full character portrait by grouping it with another window, but that is not an option for the skill window sadly.
It got slightly worse on Windows from what I hear and a lot worse on Linux.

Now that’s interesting: “The Skill Plan Service is currently unavailable. Unable to retrieve skill plan data”.

I cannot access Skill Plans, instead the above message is being shown. However, the Skills Window opens instantly. Training Queue and Skill Catalogue work normal as well.

Are you on mac @Jerrard_Sortek ? If so, macs haven’t been given that ability

Nope, I’m on Linux running the windows (steam) version via proton.

theres your problem then lol.
idk what to tell you on that one, i am on pc and mine loaded up just fine to let me make a skill plan…

I am running the Windows version on Wine and I could make, view and edit a skill plan yesterday, will check if I can do that still today since we had a patch today.

Also @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras you are in the Linux subsection of the EVE Forums, comments like “Are you on Mac” and “There is your problem, I am on [I assume a Windows] PC” are missing the point :wink:

@Shalmon_Aliatus I could do that as well, only had to wait for a few seconds until the Skills window was opened.

To be clear, this is no big deal - aside from having to wait a few seconds when opening the skills window, everything works fine. :slight_smile:

I’ve experienced severe delay when opening those windows for several months now. I actually reinstalled a fresh operating system on my computer since then, along with EVE and relogged my chars and I have the same problem. I wish they would bring back the old back-end for those windows.

Hi there. I’m on Gentoo, and running EVE in Proton 7.0-1. I see a small improvement: the skills window opens instantly, but the skill plan service is still unavailable. An empty spot appears reserved in the UI where a skill plan might appear (I don’t know, I’ve never seen it) above the training queue, but that goes away and the queue fills the empty space when the plan service query times out.

I’d like to understand why this happens. It does show up as a generic timeout exception in the client logs, but nothing else interesting.

I suppose the service could actually be unavailable and I wouldn’t know the difference – I don’t have a Windows system to test with.

Disclaimer: While I often use Linux, I do not use it for gaming. I have not investigated what I’m about to say.

CCP has been trying to break apart our monolith for a while. Skill plans were one of the first things to get this treatment. There is a devblog over here that has some information that may be of interest: Introducing Quasar | EVE Online
My guess is that the gRPC module is not working under Wine. The client is designed to fail “safely” and give the user an error when it is not able to connect to the requested service. In the future, more things will make use of gRPC + a dedicated service for that feature. This reduces the need for everything to go through TQ and its database.
A starting point would be to see if ‘client_grpc.pyd’ is loaded / having issues under Wine.

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Thanks for the information and advice @CCP_Caffeine!

This could be Proton-specific or something else–I’m running wine-staging 7.1 with DXVK and I’m not seeing any issues with skillplans. Additionally, the grpc module is loading just fine according to the logs and isn’t throwing any errors.

@Archer_Reid can you activate loglite from the launcher options maybe and search for rpc in the window that comes up after the error occurs? It may help for troubleshooting

I also believe this is probably a Proton-specific issue.
I am on Arch linux
If i launch EVE via Steam (hence Proton) i experience the mentioned “Skill Plan service is not available” issue, as well as some missing Icons regarding sov nullsec, probably another gRPC feature @CCP_Caffeine talked about?

If i launch EVE via the evelauncher or evesetup tools from the AUR, then using wine staging 7.2 i experience no issues.

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